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Lake and Michelle hit the mat. He almost pulls her arm off with the high-five. Figures. Joseph and Monica are next.

Joni and Lisa are looking for the ceremony. John and Scott are doing the same, and they decide that it's time for the genie. This turns out to involve John's Barbara Eden impression, which would be endearing in another context, maybe, but which just seems like too much here. I do like that the music guys came up with some barely-not-I Dream Of Jeannie music. I love the idea of the music becoming wittier, which it clearly did throughout this episode, as compared to recent seasons.

Ray and Yolanda, you are team number seven. They are very happy about this news. Fran and Barry, you are team number eight, but you are on The List. I don't want to hear any more of this "we're eliminated" whining. Barry interviews that they hope they put their mistakes behind them. He thinks they got all the sucking out of their system. Danielle and Dani, you are team number nine. They had a rough day -- that Detour nonsense really hurt them.

Lisa and Joni. John and Scott. Lisa and Joni find the ceremony first, followed by John and Scott. John takes a moment to note the snake. Both teams take off for the pit stop.

Stadium. Both teams arriving. Phil on the mat. Soccer greeter still frolicking. And out of the underground tunnel...Lisa and Joni. "Oh my gawd." Welcome, you are team number ten. They shriek and fall to the ground.

And here come John and Scott. Welcome. You are last. You are eliminated. The saddest part, to me, is when Phil isn't saying anything, John says, "Taaalk," sort of pleadingly. That hurt. They take their departure pretty well, and they talk about the bonding experience and so forth. They seem like good guys, but I think they were out of their depth here. John is just too hyper for racing, and Scott really can't be bothered to keep calming him down all the time. They discuss John getting over his fear of flying. John interviews something about a key to a door and doing things he would have been afraid of, and it's all very nice and sentimental, if you like that sort of thing.

Next week: Danielle and Dani lose all that good judgment they originally showed about Eric and Jeremy. Fran complains some more. And there are still no RVs, it appears.

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