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Brazil nuts

Finally, Lisa and Joni find their way to a taxi, and then John and Scott do the same.

Stadium. Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler are arriving, and BJ mentions that they're "clawing at [their] teeth," which causes Tyler to reach up with one hand and claw at BJ's mouth. Hilarious. Eric and Jeremy seem to have a slight lead as both teams head in. It is indeed Eric and Jeremy who emerge first from the underground tunnel and run across the field. They approach the mat, where Phil waits with a soccer player who is obligingly bouncing a ball on his head. You've got to love this greeter, and he serves as a lovely reminder of one of the things this show has that others don't. Jeremy decides it would be hilarious if he dove onto the mat, so he does, but it isn't. Phil looks at them with this smile like, "Oh, I get it. You're going to be assholes." The greeter, holding the ball on the back of his neck, welcomes them effusively to Brazil. "Give us some good stuff, baby!" Jeremy hollers girlishly. Phil tells them that they're team number one, and they demand to know what they won. Phil gives them $20,000. Bleh. Gross. I cannot stand them. Eric says that you shouldn't overthink the race. You should be idiots, like they are. And -- wait, wait! Horns of Perseverance! I mean, they're out of place for that suck-ass team, but I'm still so happy to hear them.

BJ and Tyler arrive next. Welcome, attention-starved hippie types. You are team number two. They tell Phil that they're "fueled by the Race." Barf.

Dave and Lori pull up to the stadium in third place, followed by Desiree and Wanda, but Desiree and Wanda hit the right entrance right off the bat, and Dave and Lori didn't, so as Dave explains, they get passed up right at the very end. Wanda and Desiree hit the mat as team number three. Dave and Lori, you are team number four. "You clearly get on extremely well," Phil says, and you can tell that he finds this incredibly refreshing, since it is true of so few of their couples. Seriously. Phil is noting a real thing. They get along. It's not "He's an asshole, but I love him," or "She's a bitch, but we get through all our problems." They get along. It's an undervalued thing in relationships. Dave says they're in love, and this is making them closer.

Ray and Yolanda find the ceremony in Santa Cecilia, and they collect their pit stop clue and leave. Danielle and Dani, on the other hand, are sitting in traffic. Fran and Barry find the ceremony next, with the girls right behind. These two teams leave in eighth and ninth place.

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