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Brazil nuts

Dave and Lori find the ceremony next. They light their candle. They leave for the pit stop. Wanda and Desiree follow. Wanda loves the dancing and drumming, which is part of why she's so awesome. They leave.

Ray and Yolanda are just about done with their motorcycle. Ray is still fuming over all the catcalling, and Yolanda is taking some comfort in his discomfort, sort of, and is trying good-naturedly to laugh it off. When the bike finally starts, they get their clue and leave. That took some time, it seems. They get a taxi to Santa Cecilia.

Danielle and Dani land at Atrium V. They find their clue inside the building, rip it, and leave. Words on their asses. Feh. Fran and Barry are in their helicopter. "I couldn't think of anybody I'd want to do this with more," he tells her. More than your wife of 40 years? I kind of...hope so. It's not like that isn't a nice thing to say, but...40 years, you know? She kisses his hand. Something about them just does not resonate with me. They head down and find their clue, and they leave.

Lisa and Joni, so exhausting all of a sudden, get to Atrium V, run down, find their clue, and leave. They're clearly all freaked out about not being eliminated, and there is so much hooting and shrieking that I certainly hope that there are no more close finishes for them any time soon, because I don't think I can take this again.

John and Scott are in their helicopter, and Scott voices over that John was really pretty chill about it, much to his surprise. They arrive at the Faraway Building and find their clue in the pretty hotel. John says he's proud of himself for doing the helicopter without spazzing out.

Danielle and Dani are returning to the airport just ahead of Fran and Barry. Both these teams leave in taxis.

Lake and Michelle find their way to the ceremony. He lights the candle from a few feet away, like he's kind of uninterested. He still manages to screw up the ceremony by not giving the candle back, so he's lucky Michelle is there to correct him. He takes his clue, and they leave for the pit stop. Joseph and Monica follow, and they're on their way to the pit stop as well.

Lisa and Joni return to the airport, but they have trouble finding a taxi all of a sudden. John and Scott return behind them, and it's taking them so long to get a taxi that by the time they finally get one, John and Scott have spotted them. It will, apparently, be these two teams to the end.

Commercials. I don't know if y'all got the barbecue sauces sitting around cheering, but it was pretty weird.

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