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So now, Lisa and Joni are finding their building, Fran and Barry are just behind them, and John and Scott are driving in the right entrance. Upon seeing someone else behind them in addition to Fran and Barry, Lisa and Joni go into an absolute screaming fit that is just not necessary. Screeching is never appropriate. John and Scott come up to the books to look, and when Lisa and Joni get their ticket for Atrium V, they scream again. It's like...they kept this under control for most of the leg, but here at the end, they are totally losing it. Joni announces that she has just wet herself. That's helpful. Fran and Barry look upon this spectacle with great distaste. The sisters scream all the way to the helicopter. Oy.

John and Scott, Fran and Barry, looking for buildings. Fran and Barry find the Closest Building, and they get that ticket. So it seems that people gave up too easily, since the very nearest building wasn't even out of tickets yet. Lisa and Joni take off screaming, and they're followed by Fran and Barry while John and Scott keep hunting. Fran and Barry are all grinning in the helicopter, and I just can't be that happy for them, because I really, really hate the whole "we're going to be eliminated" routine. After the failure to see the clue box and the bad Detour choice and the defeatist whining, they deserved to be eliminated more than anyone, as far as I'm concerned.

John and Scott bicker over the guidebook, and they ultimately settle on Atrium V. But when they get to the counter, they learn that Atrium V has been exhausted. So they have to look again for another building. They're pretty sure they're last. Well, you are for the moment.

We come back to find John and Scott finally locating the Far Building, and that one does have a ticket available, so they board their helicopter. For a guy who's this afraid of flying, John certainly takes this in stride.

Santa Cecilia. Eric and Jeremy are looking for the ceremony. They find the building, as BJ and Tyler approach. Eric and Jeremy are the first to go inside at the ceremony and hug the lady with the snake. They do not refer to her as a "bitch" or a "ho," probably because they don't secretly want to sleep with her and know they have no chance. They light their candle and collect their clue. BJ and Tyler are close behind. These two teams, in first and second place, leave for the pit stop, which Phil explains is two and a half miles away, at the local soccer stadium. Soccer is very popular in Brazil, you know. Last team to the mat will be eliminated.

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