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So let me get this straight. You took a clue that requires you to assemble a motorcycle from parts, despite the fact that you cannot look at a motorcycle and identify the engine? Good thinking.

"The engine is the center part," Lake says. Finally, he and Michelle leave. "I thought he was going to show us," Fran complains when they're gone. By which she apparently means very nearly that she thought Lake was going to do it for them, because...seriously, they didn't even have anything close to the basic knowledge required to do this task, and they could have known that going in. ["Also: Raaaaaace, Fran. Lake helped you more than he should have as it was. Eyes on your own paper." -- Sars] Lake and Michelle leave for Santa Cecilia, noting outside that Ray and Yolanda are almost done.

Fran, inside, says, "This could be our downfall. This could be it. This is it." Bleh. He tells her flat-out he doesn't know how to do it, and she says she doesn't either, and she had figured that she'd be able to do it if she could see one. "We're going to be eliminated," she says. Boooooo!

Commercials. Mm, IHOP.

We come back, and it's still Fran and Barry, and they still don't know what they're doing. They're frozen, essentially, unable to act, which is the one wrong thing to do -- or the most wrong thing to do. They finally decide to bail and go to the other Detour. Fran is muttering about how Lake said he would show them, and as much as I don't like Lake, that's bullshit. He said he would show them where "it" was, and he certainly told them where a couple of different things went. He's not going to put the entire thing together for you, you know? It's too much to expect that's going to happen. They leave, passing Ray and Yolanda, who I think don't realize Fran and Barry are bailing, not being done. In the cab, Fran goes on about how sick to her stomach she is, and how they made this huge mistake. She also says she thought there would be "plans." If the clue said anything like what Phil said, there wasn't any promise of plans, just a finished bike to use as a model. "Now, for sure, we're going to be last," she declares. And now, for sure, I hope so.

Airport. Danielle and Dani look up Atrium V. Which they refer to as "Atrium Five," which is interesting, because I have no idea whether that's the kind of "V" it is or not, but it's a decent guess. As they're leaving, they see Monica and Joseph returning. Monica sees them, too, and she's happy to know she's ahead of them. John and Scott finally arrive at the airport, but they have come to the wrong entrance as well, so they have to try again. Monica and Joseph get a cab and leave the airport. Lisa and Joni are arriving, and they pass Monica and Joseph and call out to them. As the sisters come in to look up a building in the guide, they collapse into a mess of "Oh my gawwwwwd" that really doesn't bear repeating. Fran and Barry then arrive at the airport, happy to see that they aren't alone in last place. Lisa and Joni take note of the arrival of someone else behind them, and aren't happy at all. For the benefit of others, Joni loudly proclaims, as if reading a clue, "Wrap a big load of turds…" I thought that was kind of funny, actually. I'm not sure why, but I did.

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