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In their helicopter, Eric and Jeremy decide to quiz their helicopter pilot about how many "girls" he manages to get because of his job. The pilot tells him it's not that great, girl-wise. I'm telling you, these guys are the reason why it's no fun to tend bar in Mazatlan. They land, and they run off to look for a cab. They head for Santa Cecilia. BJ and Tyler soon follow, and as they're leaving, Joseph and Monica are arriving. The greeting is cordial, and in the cab, BJ and Tyler talk more about how much they loved the ride.

Joseph and Monica bicker about which building to choose as they look at the little guidebook, but they eventually choose Atrium V, which is the Middle Building. They get excited about the helicopter ride. As they're leaving, Dave and Lori are landing, after exchanging "I love you"s and a little smooch. Once again, that smooch isn't taking place in public -- it's in the back of a helicopter, and if I were in a helicopter over Sao Paulo with someone I was in love with, you can bet your ass I would get kissed.

Wanda and Desiree and Dave and Lori land at about the same time. So it really seems like picking the far building didn't hurt Desiree and Wanda at all. Monica and Joseph are taking off. Dave and Lori get a taxi, and when they're in the back, they chat and giggle about taking a helicopter around Sao Paulo, and how they'll "remember that forever." Aw. Desiree and Wanda get their taxi to Santa Cecilia.

Monica and Joseph get to Atrium V, and they find the clue. They take off again, hooting the entire time over how cool the trip was.

Fran and Barry have absolutely no idea what to do about their motorcycle. Lake and Michelle, on the other hand, are cruising. "So, we could easily be eliminated," Fran says. Ugh. As he works on screwing something, Lake hollers, "Don't be my demise!" He really is an archetype, isn't he? Michelle puts her hand on his shoulder and says, "Calm down." And he comes back, "WHY?" Because this isn't productive and you're making a spectacle of yourself, dipwad, why else? Barry, meanwhile, says, "I can't believe this would be the thing that would do us in." "And we picked the worst piece of crap here," Fran says, as if it would have mattered which unassembled motorcycle they chose. Yes, they have the bad pile of loose parts.

Ray is still assembling. The crowd is still full of jackasses. Inside, Fran and Barry are still fretting and doing nothing, and Lake and Michelle are almost finished. "We are really up the creek here," Fran says to Lake. He tells her, "I'm going to show you where it is as soon as he gets me checked." Lake's bike starts up, so they start to leave. When he gets his clue, Lake leans over Fran and Barry's bike. He explains to them where the carburetor goes. "Yeah, but we don't know what to do with this," Fran complains, indicating something. "Spark plug," Barry fills in. "The spark plug goes at the top of the engine," Lake offers. "I don't know what the engine is," Fran says.

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