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As Fran starts in on the motorcycle, Team Word-Ass (ew) watches for a minute to see if she's going to get it quickly. When they see that Fran and Barry don't immediately do any better than they did, they wisely pull it together and leave. I'm not impressed with them for picking this Detour, but they have the right idea knowing when to cut bait in this situation. They grab a taxi for the airport.

Lake and Michelle, meanwhile, are yelling at each other on the way to the motorcycle shop. He makes some crack to her about how she knows he's "good with [his] hands." Pfft. Just a hint, dude: using them to applaud yourself does not constitute being good with your hands in the eyes of women. On this, women the world over agree. They arrive at the shop to find Fran and Barry still struggling. Lake starts in on the motorcycle, and he appears, wonder of wonders, to know what he's doing. Barry comes over to spy on what they're doing, which is kind of borderline, and Lake says, "If y'all don't get it, I'll show you where it goes when we get ours done." Michelle scolds quietly that he can't help somebody who's that close behind, but Lake insists that it won't hurt them, and this might make Fran and Barry help them later. Lake and Michelle keep working; Fran says, "I honestly didn't think it would be this hard."

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the motorcycle shop next. They start on a bike that, rather than being inside the shop, is out on the street. As they work, a crowd of maybe 15 guys gathers and watches them, intermittently laughing at them and catcalling about how hot Yolanda is. Ray turns around to shoot a death glare when the comments get louder and the whistling starts. Incidentally, we've heard a lot on the forums this week about how this is much more common in Brazil, women aren't bothered by it, blah blah blah. I don't care. If you don't know the woman, you have no right to assume she wants you to shout about her ass in public. Even assuming it is cultural, there are cultures where lots of things are commonplace that aren't acceptable. "Common" doesn't equal "okay" in other countries any more than it does here. Furthermore, when her body language and facial expressions make it clear that she doesn't like it, and when the guy she's with is turning around and making it clear he wants you to shut up? You shut up. I'm confident most people in Brazil know this as well as anyone else; this is just a gathering bunch of assholes, of whom about three are probably making most of the noise.

John and Scott, meanwhile, are still looking for the bridge, having given up their taxi and now lacking both transportation and direction. Lisa and Joni are out of their cab and asking directions as well. John and Scott get to the clue first, and they choose the helicopters. Lisa and Joni see the boys as they go to find the clue. John reminds us in an interview that he's so afraid of flying that he's flown only once in eight years. He also notes in the cab that it certainly seems like they and Lisa and Joni are the last two teams. Elsewhere, Lisa and Joni find the clue and scream. They go for the helicopters. Yeah, I don't see them as motorcycle assemblers. They also yell in the cab, although it seems to be an offshoot of a "fat lady singing" joke.

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