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Brazil nuts

Ray and Yolanda pull their clue and they pick Motorhead. They leave in their cab. Lisa and Joni, however, are still sitting in their cab on the way to the bridge. "What's that smell?" one of them asks. And then, in a non-stage whisper, "Did you fart?" The other denies it. (And you know what that means.) And then, "Is it the city?" See, I don't have that much trouble with that, because I think she was legitimately trying not to be heard. Damn sensitive microphones.

John and Scott, too, are still in their cab, and they have lost all confidence that their driver knows where he's going. Or at least John has. They get out of the cab, which is a very, very dangerous thing to do, and the next thing you know, John is stopping strangers on the street to get directions to where he needs to go. Ooh, bad move. Especially since he can't seem to get any help. He stops to bother a melon huckster on the street, and when the huckster waves him off, John gets all pissy. The thing is, the melon guy is working. In fact, he appears to be in the middle of helping someone. You need to either stop people who aren't working, or you need to wait until the guy has a free minute. You can't just walk up and interrupt a businessperson in the middle of a transaction and think he's going to be thrilled, you know? John tells Scott that they have to go somewhere else. Scott wants to know where. John says they're going "somewhere other than this." That does not sound like much of a plan, I feel obligated to say. Scott tells John to chill out. And the chilling out is not going to happen.

Commercials. I can't believe Scott Foley is a bad-ass now. Whose idea was that? He's totally going to be the one who stops in the middle of The Unit's mission to talk about his feelings.

When we return to Brazil, John and Scott are still lost, and Scott is now saying that next time, they should really stay in the cab in a situation like this. John insists that Scott has to come up with an idea, and Scott gently repeats that his idea was that they stay in the cab. This does not seem to satisfy John. You can tell that Scott has dealt with John a lot from the way he doesn't hit him.

Lisa and Joni, also in traffic. They discuss how insane the traffic and the crowding are, and the fact that in all likelihood, these people wouldn't be any more comfortable where they live. Probably true. Lots of people in Brazil don't even have tiaras.

Eric and Jeremy's helicopter takes them over the city, as does BJ and Tyler's. They are aware of each other, these teams. Both are headed for the Close Building, but Eric and Jeremy will get to land first. As they touch down, BJ and Tyler note that they will have to wait. Eric and Jeremy are clue-hunting as BJ and Tyler land. Jeremy (I think) finds the clue, and he and Eric read it. It tells them to go to the neighborhood of Santa Cecilia and find a warehouse at a particular address. When they get there, they'll participate in a religious ceremony that, based on the clip, involves dancing and snakes. Everyone else's religion always seems like so much more fun than your own, doesn't it?

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