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Brazil nuts

Commercials. Okay, I think this Volkswagen commercial was written by Paula Abdul.

We return to Sao Paulo, where Fran and Barry are saying that they've been up and down and they can't find the clue box anywhere. They claim to have been looking for half an hour. We watch them walk by it...again. They note the departing Wanda and Desiree. BJ and Tyler are also leaving. In the cab, Desiree tells Wanda to chill out. "You're getting flustered," she says, having clearly seen this a few times in her life. She tells us in an interview that her mother does have a tendency to lose it, so her job will be to keep everything focused. Eric and Jeremy, meanwhile, meet up with BJ and Tyler on the way out, and those two teams sort of leave together, followed by Dave and Lori.

Danielle and Dani get to the bridge, where they run into Fran and Barry. "We don't see it," Barry declares to them. It appears to take Danielle and Dani about ten seconds to find it once they get to the bridge, but unfortunately, Fran and Barry didn't stay with them, which is what I would have done by this point. Follow somebody else. At least you won't be left behind by yourselves. The girls decide, apparently with little discussion, to do Motorhead. I guess one of them thinks that she can...assemble a motorcycle? I don't know. They seem to be thinking they're going to be able to do it, seriously, so maybe they have secret mechanical knowledge I'm not aware of. They're surprised as they leave that Fran and Barry had so much trouble finding the clue box. Since it' know, right out there like that.

John and Scott, who were near the front of the pack fairly recently, are now dropping through the ranks like a rock, apparently due at least in part to their cab driver not knowing where he's going. John wants to get out and walk.

Wanda and Desiree get to the airport, but they hit the wrong entrance and have to turn around. BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy think they're at the airport, but it turns out they're not.

Dave and Lori seem to be the first ones to the right entrance, so they find the little book and start looking up buildings. BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy soon follow. Dave and Lori overhear that the other teams are all looking for the closest building, so they decide to avoid the crowd by looking up the second building. BJ and Tyler find the building first, but they have so much trouble finding the dispatcher they need to talk to -- and apparently they weren't so prepared as far as having read the clue -- that they wind up being outmaneuvered by Eric and Jeremy, who are officially the first to get going on the Rotorhead Detour. Dave and Lori have found the second-closest, which is Atrium V, so all these three teams are on their way.

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