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Wanda and Desiree arrive at the bridge. They are followed by BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy. Fran and Barry are close behind, and then Dave and Lori.

John and Scott, on the other hand, are in taxi hell, and they are beginning to think their driver actually has no idea where this bridge is. When Scott isn't adequately upset over the delay, John says, "Scott, you've gotta get your edge up." I'm not sure John has "edge" so much as "whine." Joseph and Monica get their clue on the roof, followed by Lake and Michelle. As Lake runs through the hotel, he says, "Hey, did a black team just come through here?" He really needs to shut up. Ray, elsewhere, is asking their driver whether they're getting close to the hotel. Yolanda gently cautions him to "be nice." He says he is being nice. "How would you feel if you had a big black man sitting behind you, talkin' about, 'Are we close?'" They both laugh. I love her. She's adorable. (She was also the subject, along with Desiree, of the text message I received halfway through this episode that declared, "There are two spectacularly hot women on this show, and neither of them has a single blonde hair.") They get their clue.

Lisa and Joni are last. They go up on the roof and collect their clue.

On the bridge, Desiree spots the clue, and she and Wanda go directly to it. Incidentally, Desiree is indeed almost impossibly gorgeous, and she's even really stylish, with the exactly-right sunglasses and everything. She reads the clue, which is for a Detour. The choices are Motorhead and Rotorhead. Motorhead involves going to a motorcycle shop and assembling a motorcycle, using a finished one for reference. Zoiks. Rotorhead is more logistically complicated. In that one, you go to a little airport where you look up one of three buildings in a flight directory and ask to be taken there. When you get to your building, you land on the roof and look for a clue in the building somewhere. There are, however, three buildings differing distances away, and there are limited trips to each one. So if you look up the nearest one and the tickets to that one are all gone, you have to go back and look up another one.

Desiree tells her mother that they should take the Rotorhead, because neither one of them knows anything about putting together a motorcycle. And: seriously, if that's not your thing, it's going to be very complicated if you have to get it all the way to where it could be kick-started. I have enough trouble putting my Dustbuster back together after I empty it. They take off for the airport. BJ and Tyler do the same. Eric and Jeremy, too. Fran and Barry are on the bridge, but they don't spot the clue box. Lori does, though. She and Dave also choose Rotorhead. Not so much with the motorcycle assembly, the nerds. In fact, I think that would get you kicked out of the band. Well, the kind of band I think Dave is in.

And now comes the most inexplicable part of the episode, as Fran and Barry start walking all over the bridge, not seeing the clue box. Which looks exactly like every other race clue box, and which is right where you'd think it would be, up against the railing. What's not to see? I guess with one person, I could understand a sort of mental blackout, but how do two people not see it? Anyway, the camera guy gets his jollies here by grabbing various shots of Fran and Barry walking right past the clue box. I mean, they're literally so close to it that they almost are bumping into it. And it's not that inconspicuous. It's a foot or so out from the edge of the bridge, and it's on a flat stand that they almost have to walk around in order to miss it. It has a big red stripe down the middle.

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