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First to pull up to the Unique Hotel are Desiree and Wanda. The hotel is...well, it's unique, I'll say that. They get inside and find their way to the elevators that take them to the roof. Up on the roof, they first note the amazing view, and then grab the clue. The clue tells them to take a cab three miles across Sao Paulo to Viaduto Santa Efigenia, a historic bridge where their next clue is located. Eric and Jeremy get there next, and then John and Scott. Wanda and Desiree are leaving as these guys, along with BJ and Tyler, are arriving. Now, those of you with TiVo: Is it my imagination, or when Wanda and Desiree get off the elevator at the bottom, does Wanda say, clear as day, "Oh, shit, somebody's here"? Because it certainly sounds like it to me, no matter how many times I listen to it. BJ wants to know if they got the clue already, and Wanda says they did. She asks in turn if the American flight was delayed, and he confirms. Eric and Jeremy read their clue and head down, with John and Scott close behind. They read and leave, BJ and Tyler read and leave. Dave and Lori are just arriving, and in the cab, she does another "Give me a kiss," which he does. Fran and Barry are still in their cab, and he's feeling more patient than she is. As they get to the hotel, they run into the departing Eric and Jeremy (though they're unfortunately not in their taxi at the time -- hotcha!).

Dave and Lori open their clue, then Fran and Barry. Danielle and Dani arrive next, and Eric and Jeremy are still standing around when they get there. Eric calls them "Pinkies." He then says, "That's Jeremy, and I'm Eric, by the way." "Hi Jeremy and Eric I'll see you later" one of the women says indifferently as she blows by, following this contact that these guys have waited and waited for. And: ha! John and Scott leave next, and BJ and Tyler, and Eric and Jeremy. As Fran and Barry get in their cab and Dave and Lori get in theirs, Lori announces somberly, "It's time for the handshake." Because indeed, they have a secret handshake. It's so stupid that it makes her cackle with embarrassed delight, and that's why it doesn't bug me. Dave interviews that he loves Lori like crazy. "And, uh, nerds rule," he adds. Hee. They're very appealing, I think.

Danielle and Dani open their clue. When they're back in the cab, one of them does a dorky imitation of Eric and Jeremy introducing themselves. At the end, she adds, "Shut up." Awesome. It's interesting; I don't really dislike them, at least not yet. And then when Dani (I think) tells Danielle (I think) about how Eric called them "pinkies," Danielle mutters, "Retards." Which I officially do not condone at all.

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