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The group waiting at Continental gets the lowdown on the arrival times, and they learn that they are at the worst possible counter. They all take off for American.

Elsewhere, Lisa and Joni and John and Scott visit Continental as well, but Lisa and Joni don't know how to play this game, so they immediately ask for their tickets on Continental.

At the American counter, the refugees from Continental realize that there are probably already far too many teams here. Eric and Jeremy head for United, and Desiree urgently whispers to her mother that they should do the same, since if they don't get on United, they'll be stuck on the last flight to go, and that won't be good. That's a good move -- she's a player, that one. Dave and Lori have exactly the same thought. And then, even though Ray and Yolanda got there with the first group, she begins to think the same thing -- there won't be room for five teams on the first of three flights. They also head for United, but now they're behind the curve.

BJ and Tyler make it onto American. Monica is already fretting and near tears. Wow. Pace yourself, dear. You can almost see Joseph's spine tingling as he realizes that he doesn't really want to do a month of this. Fran and Barry get on American as well. With all the tickets gone, Joseph and Monica leave for United.

In line for United, the Nerd Love Theme plays as Dave and Lori talk. "How're you doing?" she asks. "I'm great," he says. "Gimme a kiss," she says, and he leans down and gives her a modest smooch. "I love you," she says. "I love you, too," he volleys back. She fans herself with her ticket and says, "I'm really hot." "Yeah," he says, and then he pauses. "Yeah you are." "Thanks," she says all mock-sheepishly. Hee. Hee hee.

Eric and Jeremy are the first to get their tickets on United. Lisa and Joni, meanwhile, have gotten their tickets on Continental without even checking the other flights, which is not a good sign, and which they immediately realize was stupid. John and Scott decide to at least try United. And there's certainly nothing to lose at this point.

Elsewhere, Lake and Michelle are finally at the airport, and when she mutters, "It's over," he says to her, "Shut the fuck up." Now, there is exactly one kind of guy who is allowed to snarl "shut the fuck up" to me, and that's a guy who thinks it's all right for me to snarl "shut the fuck up" to him. I suspect that Lake is not that guy, even though I have no patience for "it's over," either. They go to American and find nothing available. Underestimated the other teams a little bit, I think.

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