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Fran and Barry find the silver shop, as do BJ and Tyler. Both teams head inside and retrieve their clues. The clue that Fran and Barry are actually the first to receive tells them to go to the town of Al Hawiyah and find something Phil calls nothing more than "this place." I hope the teams got more information than that, or they're going to be doing a lot of guessing: "Hi. I'm looking for...this place. Have you ever heard of this place?" Fran and Barry wait for BJ and Tyler to reemerge before they leave.

MoJo. Camel-loading. I don't think they're having a great experience with camel-loading, not that it seems like anybody really does. They get it done, and while Monica has the map to begin with, Joseph takes a look and seems to think he understands where they're driving.

Eric and Jeremy are beginning to realize that they are legitimately lost. They come across a tiny sign of a town, but while Jeremy idly hopes they can drop the camel there, Eric is sure this isn't right, and he sends Jeremy back out to the road. Eric is kind of the brains of the operation, I've noticed. You can see why they're in trouble.

Monica is busy freaking out about her hope that they've already found the camel drop-off, but Joseph basically tells her to chill out and stop being the girl screaming in the back of every pickup truck. He knows where he's going, and he soon finds the left that he's sure is the one he wants. Indeed, they have found what they need. They deliver their camel, and they receive the clue for Al Hawiyah. As they get a ride back to the ferry, they lament that they ever tried the Watchtower option at all, muttering about how it's their bad luck once again. It's true that they had bad luck there, but they also seemed flummoxed by something that perhaps didn't seem like an inherently flummoxing thing.

Eric and Jeremy. Lost in the desert. Can I get an amen? "I think we're going to drive until we are dehydrated and die," Eric observes. Spoiler?

Joseph and Monica get back to their car, and as they do, they see Eric and Jeremy driving around with their camel. Joseph observes that given the fact that the guys were ahead of them loading the camels, they must have gotten significantly lost. And indeed, Eric and Jeremy are still lost. "This is the worst experience I've had," Eric observes as they continue to drive in the dusty heat. Not going too well for them. As with BJ and Tyler, they don't seem to find things in general to be nearly as funny as they did when they were in the lead.

When we return, Eric and Jeremy are still boo-hooing over their inability to find the right place to drop their camel. Suddenly, they seem to sort of stumble across it at last. I'm not even sure they did that on purpose. In fourth place for the moment, they receive the Al Hawiyah clue.

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