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Here Comes The Bedouin!

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Bulletproof Hippies

Monica and Joseph come to a watchtower without a message box in it, while BJ and Tyler find one that does have a message box. They take one and leave, and as they go, they pass a frustrated Joseph and Monica. Fran and Barry find their message box, too. They manage to get back in time to get on the same boat back as BJ and Tyler. Meanwhile, Joseph and Monica become discouraged and decide to do the Camel option instead. It seems, from what we saw, like if they had gone into one more, they'd have found one, right? Because BJ and Tyler and Fran and Barry each found a tower with another box available in it? That's what it looked like to me.

Eric hoists and hoists. The camel slowly rises into the air. This is humiliating for a camel, I'm sure. A couple of locals lend Eric a hand, and they move the camel on over and lay it into the bed of the pickup truck. I just don't feel like being transported in the back of a pickup truck comes naturally to a camel the way it would to, say, a golden retriever. Along with a guy who seems to be a guide for safety but not directional purposes, Eric and Jeremy take off to follow the cartoon map to the camel depository.

BJ and Tyler and Fran and Barry get off the boat, and there is approximately the four billionth "T-Tow!" of this episode. Even if it were funny, that wouldn't be funny anymore. They ultimately find some locals to lead them to the silver shop. In the car, BJ shows the camera the drawing he made of a camel. It has no particular relevance, except that I think BJ is doing what he's always doing, which is saying, "Look at what I can do if you will only watch me!" But his point is that camels are uncooperative, and with that, I cannot disagree. Not that I don't kind of love the camel anyway. "Camels...bad," he says.

We cut directly to an indignant camel hollering for BJ to shut it: "I may be bad, hippie, but at least I'm not boring." It turns out that this is MoJo's camel, currently being hoisted for delivery into their pickup truck. Monica soothes the camel as Joseph does most of the lifting. The lifting does seem to be a one-person operation, so it makes sense that someone has to be the Camel Whisperer.

Eric and Jeremy are, they hope, driving toward the camel drop-off. But they're beginning to have doubts. "I don't see anything," one observes. Eric is still riding in the back of the truck with the camel and the guide, and he's not having a great time, I don't think. I mean Eric, not the camel. Though, not the camel, either. Americans are so boring.

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