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Once they're through, Monica talks in their car about how Eric and Jeremy have this thing about being first, so they jump the line. Which is bullshit in this case, because everybody else was sitting there, not wanting to go. That's not jumping the line; it's just declining to jump into the vat of chickens. BJ bitches about the same thing, and seriously, dude, shut up. When you're parked like you're waiting for the drive-in movie to start, you can't blame anyone but yourself when it doesn't go the way you want. Tyler vows that Eric and Jeremy will get their comeuppance sooner or later. That would be their comeuppance for...making forward progress, I guess.

Ray and Yolanda follow the Very Small Guide across the riverbed. They enjoy the water driving and so forth, but it's all kind of routine now. It's like being your parents' third child. Everybody's like, "Sure, that's fine, whatever, we've seen walking before."

Now, we are in Sur. Men play drums. Eric and Jeremy are in the lead and looking for the ferry crossing. Everyone is hunting, and everyone is still very close together, clearly. MoJo, BJ and Tyler, and Fran and Barry all find the thing very close together and rip their clues almost in unison. And the clue they come up with is this week's Detour. The choice are Camel and Watchtower. In Camel, you use a sort of pulley system to lift a camel in a harness into a pickup truck, and then drive the camel to a location to be dropped off. The map that shows the location, incidentally, looks like a treasure map on the back of a box of Cap'n Crunch, if the treasure at the end were a giant live camel. When they find the marked Bedouin camp, they'll trade the camel for a clue. In Watchtower, you do not have to hand out religious literature, as many of us were expecting. Instead, you search three towers for a "message box" that you then deliver one mile to a silver shop. All three of the lead teams are inclined to do the Watchtower option. Monica knows that camels are stubborn and she wants nothing to do with them. Heh.

Eric and Jeremy finally find the ferry crossing and pull the Detour clue. They choose the camel. They hop on the same little boat as the Watchtower teams, and when everyone is let off, Eric and Jeremy run one direction to do Camel, and the other three teams all run up to the nearby Watchtower. Watchtower hunting ensues.

Eric and Jeremy get to the place where the camels are found. They bring over a pickup truck as their camel makes very, very unhappy noises. As we all know from past experience, camels love to make timely commentary on the proceedings. Eric begins to hoist the camel. I suspect the camel is the only one who really feels me, in terms of how over Eric's attempts to be amusing I am.

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