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Ray and Yolanda are stopping to ask for directions, which is highly typical of them, but they're still very tense and bickery in the way they discuss it, which is not highly typical of them. The first guy they stop unfortunately does not speak English, and he tells them so. "We're in trouble," Yolanda says. In another part of Oman, BJ and Tyler, with MoJo behind them, are on a dirt road. Joseph wonders whether this can possibly be where they're supposed to be, and Monica chuckles that she has absolutely no clue. But indeed, it is the right place, because they arrive at the edge of a lot of water and are told to put their vehicles into four-wheel drive. Then, a very small man leads them out onto a very large bed of stones, where he runs ahead of them to show them where they need to go. The guy wades right into the water and leads them as they all go in up over their tires. He points helpfully, probably making sure they don't hang themselves up on any underground vines or run over anybody's lobster pot or science experiment. As they emerge from the water, BJ and Tyler thank him in what I presume is Arabic, which is a very nice touch. You can never go wrong with me by teaching yourself to thank the locals, even though it can also be a bit of a self-aggrandizing gesture. Joseph and Monica thank him, but in English. "I just want to pick him up and take him home in my pocket," Monica observes with a grin. I guess the guy really is small, but it's often considered patronizing to think of the locals as actual souvenirs.

Fran and Barry follow, out into the water. And then, Eric and Jeremy.

Ray and Yolanda, on the other hand, are still lost. They're getting another set of directions, but Ray is still having trouble reading the signs. I have to agree that I could probably guess at a certain number of signs in Italy or Norway, but I'm not going to guess anything in Arabic except my own level of inexperience with world languages, which isn't even a guess, really, so much as a depressing realization.

BJ and Tyler, in the lead for the moment, come across another short section of road where they're going to have to drive through water. They stop and have a discussion with MoJo in which both teams try to convince each other to go first. Because there's nothing like being so wussy that you won't drive through water unless somebody shows you how. Then Fran and Barry come up behind those two and sit and wait, and then Eric and Jeremy come up. Far less concerned about this than the other teams, Eric and Jeremy just drive right into the water, happy for the shot at an advantage -- which is why they're winning, if you think about it. All the teams ultimately venture into the water and find that it is not, in fact, too deep to drive through. Though I do keep expecting water to come in through the air vents. The strangest moment, by a large margin, is when Tyler, driving through the brown water, notes, "Is this the most awesome chocolate surprise you've ever had?" That is just the weirdest combination of porn overtones and some kind of Willy Wonka mythology that I have ever heard. Fran, on the other hand, is extremely nervous, because she's afraid of water, and mud, and driving.

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