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Ray: "I don't know what language they speak over here, but...I can't even look at all these signs and figure out what it says. They're all squiggly." It's a little painful that he can't identify Arabic, but I always like it when people break down to the point where they can use a word like "squiggly" out of genuine anguish.

Fran admires the beauty of Muscat.

And now, BJ and Tyler's flight lands. Tyler explains to the camera that they have gotten themselves a Fern on the flight, and Fern is going to take them directly to the park. Indeed, the guy leads them and they go.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the park. They see the giant incense burner, but when they find the sign, they learn that the gates don't open until 6:00 AM. "Son of a bitch," one of them mutters. MoJo arrives next. Then Ray and Yolanda, then Fran and Barry. And then BJ and Tyler, certainly not seeming to be all that far behind. So everybody is all caught up again.

As all the teams snooze, Yolanda brings up the fight she and Ray had earlier. "So you think it's cool to cuss me out and shoot birds at me?" "You think it's cool to talk to me how you talked to me?" he wonders. "I didn't talk to you any way, I was teasing you," she says. "Like you tease me about anything else, tease me about three thousand things, about how we teased each other yesterday. I was teasing you, and you just flipped the script. Just don't talk to me for the rest of the time." Because if there's anything that will soothe a fight and end the hurt feelings, it's a prolonged period of stony silence. Ray reminds us in an interview that he and Yolanda have never spent more than four days together at a stretch, so they're seeing some different sides of each other. Yolanda agrees that they haven't communicated well at all lately. She refers to it as "something [they] have to work on." I hope so, because although this fight currently has a fairly laid-back, lazy vibe to it, ugliness can crop up awfully quickly.

After a commercial, we find ourselves back in Oman. At straight-up 6:00 AM, the gates open, and the teams all run inside. They make it to the clue box and tear the clue open. It tells them to drive about 135 miles to Sur, where they'll find a ferry crossing and get another clue. Everybody bolts. There is lots of chaos as the teams chatter to each other and climb into their cars. This kind of scene always makes it feel like they're all fleeing the police after a rumble.

What follows is a very funny sequence in which the teams all try not to be in front, but to let other teams pass them so that they can follow. Ultimately, it is MoJo that winds up ahead, with BJ and Tyler their closest pursuers. In fact, when MoJo stops to get directions, BJ and Tyler can read the pointing, and manage to get ahead of MoJo in implementing MoJo's own directions. That hurts, and Monica takes note. Fran and Barry are navigating on their own, which is, of course, what they do best. Eric and Jeremy, however, suddenly realize that they don't know which way they're going or whether they're going the right way. They stop to ask for some directions, but even though the guy knows where they're going, they seem to have some difficulty interpreting what he's saying. To their obvious surprise, as they try to regroup, they find themselves passed by Fran and Barry. "Damn," says a fratty voice.

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