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And now, BJ and Tyler are all alone on their bus, and BJ is entertaining the camera guys by suggesting that he and Tyler are accompanied by the ghosts of all the eliminated teams. He begins to imitate other racers, and he starts out strong with a dead-on impersonation of Lake, which undoubtedly is grafted from an existing Ross Perot impression. He even allows Lake to "speak," Senor-Wences-style, from his own talking hand. Unable to quit while he's ahead, however, BJ moves on to describe other teams, and he reveals that he has nothing to say about Dave and Lori except that they're kissing, and nothing to say about Danielle and Dani except that they would think Oman was in China. Seeing somebody's weakness encapsulated in one moment like that is kind of painful, it turns out.

Finally, BJ and Tyler get to the airport, and when they get inside, they run into the crush of teams at the Gulf Air counter buying tickets. BJ and Tyler ask for information, which they probably expect to get in return for their willingness to trade information in the past, but the information is not forthcoming. Ultimately, BJ and Tyler do find out about the Gulf Air flight in spite of the lack of cooperation, but they're unable to get on it, because it's full. "Thanks for helping us," BJ says sarcastically as he and Tyler walk away. It's very interesting how their determination to keep up a goofy, positive attitude seems to evaporate when things aren't going so well. ["Again: race, dickheads." -- Sars] The rest of the teams collect their tickets.

BJ and Tyler are at a Swissport counter, where they learn about a Qatar Air flight that will arrive at 11:45 PM -- just about an hour behind the lead pack. They get ticketed on that flight.

The first flight, with everyone but BJ and Tyler aboard, leaves. Then the second flight. Phil and the Amazing World Map explain that everybody is going to Oman -- the first four teams through Bahrain, and BJ and Tyler through Doha.

Now, we find ourselves in Muscat. The first flight arrives just about as anticipated, at 10:50 PM. The teams hustle out and look for the parking lot where their cars are waiting. They jump into their assigned white vehicles and take off for the park where, presumably, they're going to find the big incense burner. (Which still makes me want to say: "Duuude.") As Eric and Jeremy drive, they admire the cleanliness of Muscat and note that this is "the prettiest place [they've] been." Among other things, they note the prettiest McDonald's they've ever seen. It is indeed very attractive. I'm betting the fries are all very straight and uniform in length. In Joseph and Monica's car, meanwhile, she's shocked by some of the ornate structures that are around. "American people think that they're rich...these people who are rich here are crazy rich. Billionaires." I don't think she's saying the entire country is rich; I think she's saying she doesn't see structures this ornate on the way home from the airport where she lives. Still...goodness, she's very naïve. It's not like there aren't billionaires in America. They don't decorate the McDonald's quite so fancy, but still.

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