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Bulletproof Hippies

Joseph and Monica sign up for the 9:00 AM bus. Ray and Yolanda do, too.

6:20 AM. Fran and Barry. He is under the impression that they are flying to "Omen." Fran says that their goal is to get from fourth place to third. There certainly are a lot of not-very-ambitious people on this race, I have to say. They're all going to be fighting for second-to-last place if they're not careful. They walk across the bridge and they, too, sign up for the 9:00 AM bus.

8:51 AM. BJ and Tyler. Tyler's reaction to the city of Muscat? "Hip-ya!" They walk across the bridge as Tyler voices over that they believed during the last leg that they were out of it (considering they apparently did lose, like, four hours from the time they were with Ray and Yolanda at the Roadblock). So now, they feel like they've gotten a second chance. Tyler calls out, "Let the joy of the race fill you with adrenaline!" He would be great at writing holiday cards for businesses to send out. "Let the happiness of the season embrace your family in its fluffy grasp. Sincerely, Sanford Tire & Auto."

The 9:00 AM bus loads up. Everyone aboard notes that BJ and Tyler are not on the bus. Fran notes that they'll probably see the hippies running across the bridge if they look. And indeed, as they look out the window, they see BJ and Tyler running. Fran, in particular, is deliriously determined to swat the bus windows so that BJ and Tyler will feel as bad as possible by seeing the group leave. She does not get the pained response she is apparently hoping for, but when BJ and Tyler get to the bus, they learn that they're going to have to sign up for the 10:00 AM. Next thing you know, they get on their bus at 10:00 AM. So they may have missed the bus, but they made up a ton of time on most of those teams.

Next, we see the first bus arriving at the airport. The teams (all except BJ and Tyler) hustle inside. Fran and Barry find an information desk, where they learn that the best flight is with Gulf Air, changing in Bahrain. It will arrive this evening at 10:50 PM. They want to buy tickets, but this is just an information lady, so she refers them to the Gulf Air counter. As other teams arrive, Barry says gravely, "We will not share this information." Barry? Will cut you. Nevertheless, as crafty as they try to be, they cannot make themselves invisible, so the other teams follow them to the Gulf Air counter, and everyone finds out about the flight through Bahrain. And then Barry voices over, "We're beyond the point of being the genial grandparents that we were in the first few rounds." Wow, when was that, I wonder? I hate it when all the geniality is edited out.

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