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We return to Eric and Jeremy, who are noting that their clue first tells them to cross a nearby bridge on foot. ("YES! FOOT! YES!") When they get across the bridge, they'll find a visitor center and sign up for one of two charter buses to the airport. The guys discuss how the other teams are tired of being behind them all the time. Probably true. Jeremy insists that this is because they're just better and faster and more awesome than everyone else. It's seriously the thinnest pool of talent ever when this claim can plausibly be made by a couple of guys who couldn't solve a word search in Weekly Reader without a dictionary, two spotters, and somebody to make sure they didn't hold the pen upside-down. They get to the visitor center, and while it's not open, the sign-up sheet is there, and they sign up for the first bus, leaving at 9:00 AM. Or, as they would know it, "one finger less than all of them."

4:31 AM. MoJo. In an interview, Joseph says that being unlucky when other teams are busy being lucky just makes them crazy. Monica thinks that maybe it means they're supposed to make their own destiny. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't read too much destiny-based information into who can find the Fast Forward most quickly.

4:41 AM. Ray and Yolanda. Sounds like they're getting $53 for the leg. As they walk to the bridge, they do a little back-and-forth about asking for directions and such. She explains in an interview that one of the things about their relationship is that they tease each other a lot, and she thinks one of the challenges is that it's easy to make a mistake and not realize that the other person is suddenly being serious. That is one of the more perceptive and realistic explanations of a relationship problem I've ever seen on a show like this, I will say, because I can certainly think off the top of my head of many relationships I've observed that have that exact problem. We see it in Ray and Yolanda almost immediately, of course, when Ray says "damn bridge" one too many times for Yolanda's liking, and she says, "Stop cursing at me." When he doesn't pay attention, she turns to him as they walk, she says his name to get his attention, and then she says, "Ray. You need to stop." "Stop what?" he asks. "You're cussing at me," she repeats. He says "okay," but she's pretty sure he doesn't understand she's serious, because she clarifies that she is. This degenerates into grumbling until, behind Yolanda's back, Ray gives her the finger. She seems to have eyes in the back of her head, given how she immediately asks, "You shot me a bird?" They continue arguing as they walk across the bridge. "Just remember, I'm a grown man," he finally says to her. "I can't tell," she retorts. Yeah, on the one hand, they're fighting, but on the other hand, if this is your version of "fighting," you're doing pretty well.

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