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Here are BJ and Tyler, but the music just isn't sad enough for me. It's like I know, and they know I know, and I know they know I know. They come up to the mat, and they are last, but they are not eliminated. They are, however, going to have to give Phil all their money, and they'll have to start the next leg with none. They'll also have to turn over all their possessions except for what they're wearing and their passports. This means that they are going to wear those fucking "T-TOW" shirts for the rest of the race. Tyler explains that they don't really think possessions are important anyway. They're going to be "complete BJ and Tyler and nothing else." They vow to remain goofy at all times. Well, that's a fuckin' relief.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Australia! Rowing! MoJo fighting! Bicycles! And maybe somebody actually going home.

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