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MoJo on the road to Jabreen Castle. Wary of the approaching Fran and Barry, Eric and Jeremy have decided to take a shortcut in hopes of improving their standing, because they're dying to be first and show off how awesome they are and win another free trip in the Travelocity Gnome-mobile. Ray and Yolanda are on the road, but they are -- you guessed it -- fighting over the map and the directions.

In the BJ and Tyler car, Tyler has taken the job of telling the camera guy that they've done their best and will be fine. "The Philiminator will not eliminate us," he says, stating the obvious. Seriously, this is the problem with the structure of the show at this point -- everybody knew this was non-elimination. After briefly experimenting, they almost always do the eliminations at very similar times, so it's hard to care.

In Nizwa, MoJo and Fran and Barry are both closing in on the pit stop, with Fran vowing to go "as fast as [her] legs will take [her]." (Fran's legs: "Eh.") Tension builds, and it builds, and then you see MoJo have to pull over and ask directions. They get the help they need, but when they're back in the car, they know that they've probably given up first place.

Mat. Phil. Fran and Barry. When he sees them, Phil gives the most delightful "You have got to be shitting me" look of all time. He was not ready for them to win a leg. It's a novelty to him, like an egg with two yolks or a potato chip shaped like Nebraska (which I totally saw this weekend). Welcome, Fran and Barry -- you are team number one. And you win a trip to Rome, which is almost as old as you are. Just kidding! How does it feel to be number one? "It feels so good!" Fran says.

It gets dark, so apparently Joseph and Monica got pretty lost. But here they are. Welcome, you are team number two. They are the unhappiest people ever to hear that news.

Eric and Jeremy are not making that shortcut work out so well. In fact, they're lost. But Eric thinks everybody else is probably lost, too. You wish, punk!

Not lost: Ray and Yolanda, currently arriving at the pit stop. Welcome, Ray and Yolanda, you are team number three, even after all that really bad navigating. They look very pleased, but they admit to Phil that they've had a rough couple of days together. I hope that doesn't keep up. She interviews that the fun has been drained out of racing for her just lately, but that they'll have to work through it. As for Ray, he's glad they haven't lost their position in the race.

Eric and Jeremy, lost and lamenting their decision to leave the highway. BJ and Tyler, hoping everyone else got lost. Phil. The mat. Phil. The mat. BJ, saying that they might be in last place. Eric, saying that they assume they're in last. And now, arriving at the mat...Eric and Jeremy. Welcome, you are team number four. They look surprised and thrilled, which isn't surprising. Or thrilling. Phil asks if this is "humbling." Jeremy allows that you "can't win them all," there, Big Philly Style. I don't really think they find anything genuinely humbling. I think there has to be more fertile ground to begin with.

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