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…Ray and Yolanda, who are just at the Roadblock. Yolanda takes this one for them, as she kind of has to, as she's not keeping up, really. Tyler gives BJ the update on their arrival. "This is our time, man," Tyler says. I have a feeling this is the first time BJ has ever wanted to beat Tyler senseless as much as I do. As Yolanda starts to dig, Tyler gives Ray their tale of woe about how they were doing so well, and now BJ is still digging. "Damn," Ray observes. Tyler tries to call out suggestions, and BJ comes back with, "How about you just let me dig until I find something?" "All right, I won't say anything," Tyler says. But BJ starts bitching about how he's had to do the hard Roadblocks, and Tyler pleads with him to quiet down and just dig.

"Just take your time, baby, and get a pattern going," Ray suggests to Yolanda. "Your mama got a pattern going," she mutters to herself. Hee. "Just keep diggin'," he says. She turns around, puts the shovel to her mouth in a "shhhhh" gesture, and gets back to work. It's always when they're not trying to be funny, you know? If only there were at team to whom I could address that sentiment pointedly.

Tyler does his best Richard Simmons or Tony Robbins or whatever, telling BJ to get his "second energy" and "do it for Team T-Tow." I am so surprised Tyler emerged alive, I really am. Among other things, he's going to ruin the word "T-Tow" forever, and that would be really sad.

When Yolanda finds a bag, the first person she tells is BJ, to whom she passes it on as gently as she can. "Come on, man," she says as he despairs, "don't give up." He keeps looking. Yolanda turns in her bag and they leave in fourth place. She and BJ are Comrades In Death By Sunstroke now, I think.

BJ is still digging. Tyler tells us how hard it is to watch BJ suffer in the heat, half-dead. It's even getting hard for me, to be honest, and you know how heartless I generally am. You'd think I'd enjoy it...more. "We could be here forever," Tyler says with concern.

When we come back, Tyler says quietly that they've been here for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and it's about 90 degrees -- so it's not Africa hot -- and BJ is really struggling. To his credit, Tyler is awesome in the camera-talk, saying that while the other teams are gone, there's nothing they can do, and BJ has obviously done his best. And I think Tyler means it, which most tooth-grinding partners in this situation emphatically do not. Finally, BJ comes up with the bag. Tyler hollers approval. "We are not far behind," he promises. Tyler insists on a hug, which I'm betting is not what BJ is in the mood for. They open the clue and leave for the pit stop. BJ looks like hell. Hell -- Now With Extra Dust.

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