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And here, at last, are Eric and Jeremy. Eric takes the Roadblock. BJ isn't happy to see him. Jeremy calls out encouragement, and then we return to watch him calmly applying Chap-Stick. As he does, a giant and lengthy groan comes from the camel sitting behind him. Jeremy pauses, displaying at least some sense of timing, and then says, "Hey. I don't need your lip right now." Heh. I mean, you couldn't possibly not do that, really.

The sun is very, very hot. We are now getting "very, very hot sun" music. BJ is no longer amused by this task. Neither is anyone else. Barry, however, has found himself a buried oven. Soon, Monica, too, has found one. It looks like Barry bungles the operation when he dumps their dinner down into the oven, though it appears it's not fatal to his completion of the task.

Ray and Yolanda are still dealing with fallout from the beginning of the leg. She talks to him about how he seems stressed today. He insists he's not -- he's relaxed, actually. "I am the girl you cussed out the other day which you still need to acknowledge," she reminds him. She could drop that any time, I think. "I'm just drivin'," he says. "Drivin' Miss Daisy." Ooh, ouch. I think they need to pray that this leg is over soon.

Barry digs for his dinner, but Monica gets hers out smoothly. So it is Monica, interestingly, who drags her team out of this Roadblock in first place. Their clue sends them to the pit stop at Jabreen Castle, 150 miles away. Last team in may -- but won't -- be eliminated. Joseph and Monica share a smooch as they get ready to go, while Tyler tells BJ that the clue is for a pit stop. "Whatever," BJ mutters. "If we go straight there, we will be first," Joseph says happily to Monica in the car.

Finally, Barry manages to get the dinner out, so he and Fran can leave for the pit stop. "Just get me out of here," she grumps. Nice. In the car, he's talking about how much pain he's in, and in a voice that unfortunately sounds more like "not my fault" than "you're awesome," she says, "There's no way I could have done it, Bar, you know that." There isn't? Why not?

The insistent horns announce that BJ is now sort of in crisis. "Keep digging!" Tyler yells. Oh, how what goes around does come around. Jeremy is heckling Eric as well. But Eric actually finds himself a buried dinner, and Jeremy brags to him that if they hurry, they can still come in second or first. They grab their clue and leave. "All right, let's not get lost," one of them cautions. As they're leaving, they pass…

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