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In last place, however, are Ray and Yolanda, who are just collecting the Detour clue. They quickly decide to do the camel. As they approach the camel collection station, they see a returning Eric and Jeremy, who also see them and observe that they're not very far behind. The boys manage to get onto the ferry that's just leaving, so they hope that they can stay out ahead and out of last place. They take off in their car.

Ray and Yolanda hoist the camel. (Or he does; it appears to be a one-person apparatus.) As they put the camel in the truck, Yolanda frets that they might be "hurting his elbows." Elbows? Camel elbows? It's not every day this show presents an existential question, but...what's the difference between an elbow and a knee? Let's meditate on it together. In the truck, Yolanda observes that "the camel doesn't smell that bad. I mean, he could smell worse, I would have imagined." They drop off their camel and collect their clue. It's never a good sign about how you're doing when they start to show enormous chunks of your performance during a leg in compressed time.

Al Hawiyah. What we are looking at is a couple hundred small mounds of sand, as well as some camels that are standing around. The camels kind of seem to be extras, in this case, because I'm not sure they're doing very much. Fran and Barry and BJ and Tyler are approaching, all noting that it might have something to do with "sand dunes." Which: they wish. These two teams find the clue box. The clue is a Roadblock. "Who's willing to work for food?" Phil explains. In this clue, the Roadblocker will dig into 117 sand mounds until they find one of six buried dinners consisting of spiced lamb wrapped up and steamed in an underground oven. When they find it and pull it out, they can get their next clue. Oh, and they need to keep the buried dinner, because they're going to be eating it. It's always nice when they make you forage for your own food. That will save some money from the hospitality budget.

BJ and Barry take the Roadblock. As they get started, Tyler reads from the instructions: "Use caution as you are digging into a buried oven." That's a little daunting, there. BJ wants to know how far down to dig, and Tyler says that the clue doesn't say. "Just stick your hand in and pull it out," Fran commands. Barry: "I'd like to." (Barry's id: "Oh my God, lady, SHUT UP.")

MoJo car. He's pointing out that they're almost there, and she leans over his shoulder and happily chants, "Al Hawiyah, Al Hawiyah…" And then the music stops, just perfectly, and he says -- not unkindly -- "Please don't be annoying right now." He smiles. She laughs. They know how to do this, this ups-and-downs thing, which is interesting. I mean, they fight, but they seem to recover nicely. This means, as you know, that next week, they will melt down completely, given the fact that my powers of prognostication are notoriously crap. They note when they arrive at the Roadblock that Fran and Barry and BJ and Tyler are ahead of them. Monica takes the Roadblock for her team. She immediately notes that this is going to be hot, sweaty work. "You're not going to want to sit in the car with me after this," she notes. Everyone continues searching, and it quickly becomes clear that this is indeed not a pleasant task at all. It's hot sand, it's a blaring sun, and the only possible reward is buried meat. The observing partners shout encouragement and talk a lot about how fucking hot it looks like it is, none of which probably helps, although...what else are you going to do, right? Tyler has even rolled up the ever-present orange pants. It is that hot. Monica starts to complain just a little, and Joseph wastes no time in telling her to focus on the task at hand: "You don't have to pout about it." Face full of sand! That's what he would get from me, anyway. Face full of sand!

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