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Greece, Lightning

Commercials. Which I cannot describe for you, as a result of watching this week's episode (legally) courtesy of Google Video.

When we return, MoJo gets directions to get to the train station by bus, just as BJ and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda did. On the bus, Joseph tells Monica that her defeatist attitude isn't actually doing them any good. And then he uncorks the awesome line, "Lift up your spirit before I get pissed." She cries. I may have to keep "lift up your spirit before I get pissed." It's not often that somebody comes that close to a firm, "Be happy, dammit!"

In Fran and Barry's taxi to the train station, Barry is explaining all the things that they do more slowly than everyone else. "So we fall behind. It sucks," he says.

MoJo's bus brings them to the train station. They buy their tickets, and as they wait for the train, he goes to comfort her. She tries to explain to him that getting all upset is her way of coping, and he shouldn't get all upset in return. Fran and Barry's cab gets them to the train station next. They're very happy to see MoJo, obviously. These teams wind up on the same train toward Corinth. Monica explains on the train that they were happy to see Fran and Barry, because they're fairly confident that they can beat Fran and Barry if necessary and stay out of last place.

On the other train, Tyler thinks Greece is beautiful; Lake thinks it's "not near as pretty as Italy." Way to go, Mr. My Greek Glass Is Half-Empty. When this group of teams gets off the train, they're unable to find the clue box, and they quickly ascertain that this is not the Isthmos station where they were supposed to get off. They get tickets on a bus to take them there, but as they get on the bus, Michelle wonders if they'll get in trouble for not following the clue by not taking the train to the right station. Good question, lady.

On the later train, Barry is explaining that their bus left about 40 minutes before the one ahead of it.

Now, the bus takes the earlier group to the Isthmos station. They finally find their way to the clue box. They open it, and it's a Roadblock. The question: "Who wants to hear the sound of their own screams?" Phil explains that the Roadblock is the obligatory bungee jump. This particular one is a 240-foot drop off a bridge. Ray, Tyler, and Michelle agree to do the Roadblock for their respective teams. That's also the order in which they get to the bungee place and take their numbers. Next to Isthmos are MoJo and Fran and Barry, and Monica and Fran agree to do the Roadblock. As soon as she finds out what it actually is, Fran starts to whine extravagantly about how she didn't want to do a bungee jump -- that was the one thing she didn't want to do! How was she to know that if she didn't want to do a bungee jump, she shouldn't take the Roadblock that says, "Who wants to hear the sound of their own screams?" What's great is that Barry laughs at her the entire time. Even he does not feel bad for her. And how can he, really? She called him "pathetic" just one episode ago while he was doing the kayak polo thing, and at least that wasn't one that he took after reading a clue that said, "Who wants to see themselves play kayak polo?"

Ray executes the bungee jump first, and does so with a minimum of drama. He gives a good, loud holler, but it seems like he kind of feels like he has to. When he's done, they receive their next clue, which Phil explains is the Detour. Your choices are Herculean Effort and It's All Greek To Me. (Ugh. Gross.) In the first option, you go and compete in three Olympic events: discus, javelin, and -- most awesomely -- diaper wrestling, although you do not have to don a diaper, which is too bad in some cases (Ray) (Joseph). In the second option, you go to an open field and find nine pieces of pottery with Greek letters on them. Bystanders will help you figure out what English letters the Greek letters translate to (sort of), and then you unscramble those letters to spell one of the many, many towns on a map. That just looks tedious to me. Ray and Yolanda choose the Olympics. They get in their car and go.

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