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Greece, Lightning

MoJo, in a cab. They make "vroom, vroom" noises at their driver, always guaranteed to get you a speedy response. They get to the fountain and find the scooter guy. They scramble back into their cab, which may well not be the fastest way to go less than a mile, actually. Maybe they're afraid that along the way, Monica will see a fish and start crying.

Now, other teams are emerging from the metro and running toward the fountain. BJ and Tyler get to the scooter guy first. Lake and Michelle and Fran and Barry are just after them. When BJ and Tyler get the clue, one of them knows it's the "Something Man," and the other says, "It's naked, is what it is." Well, they'd know, I guess. Once the teams all have the clue, they all run for the Spanish Steps, with Fran telling Barry not to lose the other teams, lest they not know how to get where they're going. You're in Rome, and you're afraid you won't be able to find the Spanish Steps when they're less than a mile away? That does…not seem likely. ["In theory, no. In practice, for a team that ran past the same clue box sixteen times?" -- Sars] Now, Ray and Yolanda finally reach the scooter for their clue.

Eric and Jeremy find the horse carriages and open their portfolio. They get a clue that tells them to fly to Athens. Phil tells us that this is about a 665-mile jump. There, they'll find the Agora, where there will be a clue. The portfolio also gives them the other parchment that's needed for the Da Vinci thing, and tells them to combine the two to "crack the code." It takes Eric and Jeremy -- Eric and Jeremy! -- about two seconds to figure out that if you lay one piece over the other piece, they combine to show the words, "You have cracked the code. The first team to the pit stop with the solution wins the prize." As you can imagine, people who did not have seventy percent of their brains consumed with memories of breasts gone by would have an even better shot at it. They "crack" the "code" before they even leave the damn clue box, as a matter of fact. Now, they leave for the airport.

MoJo is in a cab, and Monica comments about how great it is "to walk in the same places as Caesar and…all those people." She apparently doesn't have quite the extensive list of friends, Romans, and countrymen at her disposal that she might wish she did. Hee. They find the carriages and get their portfolio. You'll notice that the teams, by the way, don't do anything with the carriages, like get in them or anything, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the carriages even is. It's like it's just better than a free-standing clue box.

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