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Greece, Lightning

At the train station, Monica and Joseph get the scoop from BJ on the scheduling. Incidentally, I thought there was no one less qualified to pull off the expression "What up?" than I am, until I saw Monica do it. Fran and Barry are close behind, so the teams begin to pile up.

1:02 AM. Ray and Yolanda read the clue. Ray interviews that there's no room for them to make mistakes after their weak showing in the previous leg. Their plan at this point is to move up gradually, going by one team at a time. That is certainly a good plan, provided your aim is to start every leg in last place.

At the train station, Lake stops for a minute to talk to Eric and Jeremy, and all he leaves them with is Eric's impression that Lake is "bipolar." Ray and Yolanda pull up, and they have a chat with Eric and Jeremy, whom they almost never see, of course. The moon operates as a transitional effect, and then it is morning. Phil explains that all the teams are now aboard the same train to Rome. And then: Rome! Ancient and important buildings! Statues of…historic Corinthian pigs, it seems like! A train full of contestants arriving! First off the train are Eric and Jeremy, followed by MoJo, BJ and Tyler, Fran and Barry, Lake and Michelle, and -- bringing up the rear again -- Ray and Yolanda. Several teams choose to take public transportation to Trevi Fountain, although MoJo and Eric and Jeremy opt for cabs. BJ and Tyler, Lake and Michelle, and Fran and Barry wind up on the same train, but Ray and Yolanda are left behind. They wind up getting the next train, so they're already running behind again. Apparently their plan to pass one team at a time is not designed to kick in quite yet.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the fountain first, and they locate the guy on the scooter. As Phil explains, the clue they get tells them to go less than a mile and find a set of horse carriages near the Spanish Steps. There, they'll find portfolios in the carriages, and the portfolios will tell them what to do next. "Keep the contents with you," Eric reads off the clue. Wait, wait, I know! It's going to be portfolios filled with gnomes! I'm not sure what portfolios have to do with anything, unless this is some kind of tribute to the local art students. At any rate, there is an envelope included with the clue, and when they open it, it seems to be part of a drawing, and then some parts of letters. And then Phil explains that the clues are "In the spirit of the upcoming movie, The Da Vinci Code." Oh, barf. Even worse than gnomes! Bad-hair Tom Hanks! Just as pointy-headed, only taller! Phil says that the envelope they have contains part of the famous Da Vinci drawing "Vitruvian Man." The parchment they'll get with the portfolio will be able to be put together with the one they just got to assemble a comprehensible clue. And the first team to put the pieces together and bring it to the pit stop will win a prize. I wonder if the prize will have something to do with a sponsor of the show. No, I really wonder. These are the things that keep me up at night. Eric and Jeremy run for the Spanish Steps.

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