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Greece, Lightning

So now, it's raining again, and BJ and Tyler are arriving for their Olympic events. BJ throws the discus.

Lake and Michelle's car. He is freaking out, convinced that they're going the wrong direction. It appears that he has an actual, literal panic attack, judging from the way that before you know it, they're pulled over to the side of the road, and she's up in the front seat, telling him to breathe and rubbing his chest.

Tyler throws the javelin. They finally get their wrestler out of the circle after a fair amount of fucking around, and then the poor wrestler is standing there with a blanket around him. Seriously, dude. I bet it's cold out there in the rain when you're only wearing a diaper. Once they get going, they pull over and ask for directions, and they, too, are sent on the road toward Patra.

Joseph and Monica are also making their way to the fortress. Shockingly, Ray and Yolanda, however, are already there. No, really! They pull in at the fortress and park, and then they run to the mat. "Ray and Yolanda, you are the second team to arrive." And then Phil says the word you do not want to hear, unless it's right after he says you're the last team to arrive. And that word is "however." Phil explains that they indeed did not complete the clue correctly that told them to get off the train at Isthmos, so they are going to have to sit out a 15-minute penalty. Hmm. I don't know how I feel about that one. It's true that they inadvertently didn't get off at the correct station, but the show has always handled intentional violations and screwing up somewhat differently. They probably should get a penalty, but it's kind of weird, because it wasn't failure to read the clue or anything like that, and it wasn't an effort to gain an advantage, like with the famously lawyered clue in TAR1. They just didn't get off at the right train station, and I'm not sure that it wouldn't make sense to just say having to get a bus to where you're supposed to be wouldn't be its own penalty. But at any rate, they have to wait 15 minutes before they can be checked in.

Joseph and Monica arrive and check in, and they are the actual team number two. Aww. Then, it's time for Ray and Yolanda to check in, so they land as team number three.

Lake and Michelle? Oh, they're totally lost. They're sure they're last. Elsewhere, BJ and Tyler are also sure that they're last, although Tyler says that they're excited, because they've had this great experience and so forth.

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