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Greece, Lightning

Back at the Olympic Detour, Yolanda is cheering Ray on as he throws the javelin. Once again, it bonks on the ground uselessly. Joseph goes next, and he manages to make it stick. He and Monica move on. Ray throws again. And again, no dice.

Fran and Barry are working with their pottery shards at the other Detour. (I refuse, for reasons of my dignity and yours, to say "It's All Greek To Me.") A guy helps them figure out what English letters they should be looking for. My favorite part is where they hold up the "M" and the guy solemnly says, "M." Fran goes looking for the map where they're supposed to find the unscrambled city, and she finally finds the maps. "Here the hell it is," she grumps. That was not a very convincing episode of semi-profanity. Meanwhile, Lake and Michelle take their map as well. Michelle talks about how she can't believe they're seeing Barry and Fran, but Lake says he's glad to see them. "They're just better than us," Michelle says snottily. "Shut up!" Lake snaps.

In BJ and Tyler's car, BJ is now wearing a big frog hat. He says it's also for luck, and he finally reaches back and grabs Tyler's hand, deciding apparently that now, it's okay for Tyler to be taken off the hook. Tyler laughs, terribly relieved.

Diaper wrestling! Joseph and Monica are about to get started. Once they start wrestling, Monica keeps kind of dabbling in helping to push the guy out of the circle, and then she keeps sort of prancing away, all, "Heeee heee hee, oh my goooood!" Finally, with no help from Monica, Joseph manages to shove the wrestler out of the circle. So they're done, and they get the clue that sends them to the pit stop. This is a 107-mile trip to the fortress. They get going, and she notes on the map how confusing the whole thing is.

Back at the Olympic stadium, Ray finally gets the javelin to cooperate. He and Yolanda choose a wrestler, and from the beginning, they are in the wrestling together. I also like the way they slap hands with the wrestler, like everybody understands that it won't be anything personal when Ray and Yolanda have to tag-team him in a way that would normally be considered bad sportsmanship. And they do fully cooperate in shoving the guy out of the circle, which seems not to take them all that long. They leave for the pit stop.

Meanwhile, Fran and Barry are finding the assembly of the letters into a city very difficult. "New York Times crossword puzzle? This may be harder," Barry observes. Lake and Michelle are still getting letters translated, and they're still bickering. She wants to double-check every letter, while Lake is sure that if they get eight out of nine, they'll get the right city. I tend to side with her. Over at their little outpost, Fran and Barry find the city of Dimitsana, which is the right one. They get their clue and leave in fourth place. Almost immediately, Lake and Michelle also get the right city and get their pit stop clue. So Fran and Barry and Lake and Michelle are peeling out of the Detour at the same time. In the car, Michelle says that the fortress isn't showing on their map. Their map which, you'll note, has a giant rip in it, which may well be the result of earlier bickering in which they were shoving the map back and forth at each other. Over in Fran and Barry's car, he backs the car into a tree as a result of completely not looking where he's going (the tree is not a secret hidden tree; it is a huge tree that is directly behind them when he hits it). (Miss Alli's Mom: "It wasn't there before! Just like the clue box!") Fran expresses some concern over the fact that he just smashed the back of the car, but he's very much unconcerned. You know, it occurs to me that he's like Inverse Grandpa. "Don't worry about stopping to fix your car!" "Give up immediately!" They stop for directions, and they're told to go toward Patra.

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