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Greece, Lightning

Stadium. Olympic Detour. Diaper wrestling! Ray and Yolanda arrive first, and they choose the guy who, I guess, is the one they're going to wrestle. It takes Yolanda two shots to get the discus far enough -- or at least two shots that they show. Ray gets a lesson in javelin.

BJ and Tyler are in their car, and they're beginning to wonder whether they're headed in the right direction. They decide to stop and ask. Lake and Michelle? Also lost. And still fighting. There are a lot of navigational difficulties today, which is always a very hard thing to predict.

MoJo arrives at the stadium. It appears that Ray's javelin problem is getting it to stick in the ground rather than just land flat. I'm not sure I could do that either, actually. (By which I mean, "There is no way.") Monica starts on the discus. She finishes before Ray finishes the javelin, so now, it's Joseph and Ray on the javelin at the same time, taking turns. Ray finishes his turn, so it's time for Joseph to go. Joseph can't get it to stick, either. I really don't mean this to come out sounding so dirty.

Fran and Barry find the stadium, which is also where the Greek letters are located, so they're very happy. They find their way to the little area where all the pottery shards are scattered, and they begin to collect them. When they have all the pieces, they start to gather them up to translate them and "make an English word," according to Fran, which…I think they're making a city name, right? In Greece? Will that be considered an "English word"?

Lake and Michelle get to the stadium, but when they find the Greek letters before the Olympics, they decide to just do that, since they're already there. They collect the pottery pieces as well. When they've gathered all the pieces, Lake gives a hearty "Hay-ll, yah!", and they start assembling.

A very concerned BJ and Tyler finally actually stop somewhere to ask directions. The first guy tells them flat-out that they're just going the wrong way. "We just lost an hour," BJ says, and Tyler corrects that they lost two hours, so I think they drove a full hour in the wrong direction, it sounds like. "This is it, we're done," BJ says. Oh, I wish.

Commercials! But not for me!

We return to find BJ declaring that they're "officially two hours behind all the other teams." "I am so sorry," Tyler says. "But all we can do now is just hope it's a non-elimination." Tyler pauses. "All right, man?" BJ coldly doesn't answer, thus fitting himself ever more neatly into one of my least favorite categories: Partner-Blamer.

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