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The Squid and the Fail

Tammy and Victor arrive at the mat in third, and Victor takes the news with an "Oh, gosh." At least his legs seem to be working properly now, and in fact will not give him any trouble for the rest of this leg. Years of recapping 24 have conditioned me to notice rapidly healing injuries, you see. Back to the cabs they go, as Tammy says, "We were tricked! It wasn't a real Pit Stop." Well, the good news is they didn't just fail to win two China legs in a row. They interview that they still hope to make it to the final three. "Once we're there, there's no chance of us being eliminated any more, then it's time to focus on just winning," Victor says in an interview. Which is kind of a weird thing to say, because it's not like you can get eliminated if you win a regular leg, either. Which they should know by now, having won a few.

Kisha and Jen are, as we know, in the last cab to the mat. Kisha tells Jen not to cry, but Jen is saying, "I'm so over China." Don't say "over." They arrive on the mat below the Drum Tower and Phil gives them the whole sad business, telling them they're the last team to arrive and leaving them hanging before, at last, pulling out that clue and telling them they're still in it. "Shut the hell up!" Kisha says, but they take the clue. "Don't give up," Phil says, because what kind of TV does that make? They've already tuned him out while they read their clue. He wishes their retreating backs good luck. "If we would have lost this Race it would have weighed heavily on my heart," Jen says. "As long as we're in the Race right now, we're happy." They find a cab and Kisha shows the clue to the driver and tries to pronounce it for him. The driver just shakes her head and shrugs in amusement as she turns the key, but the sisters are too relieved to still be in the Race to do anything but laugh. "I tried," Kisha chuckles.

Tammy and Victor have arrived at the clue box, and read the clue about the gnome. Victor reads the part about how they will need to carry it all the way to the Pit Stop, because that's always fun. Now there are three teams searching shops for gnomes. Victor walks right past one in a small clothes shop (that is to say, a small shop with clothes, not a shop with small clothes, although I cannot easily ascertain their sizes), set on a mannequin's shoulders where its head ought to be. But Margie and Luke spot one inside a snack shop, atop a pile of peanuts with a paper counterman's hat impaled on its conical plaster one. Now they're technically in first place as they carry it out to the street to read the clue on the bottom by the light of Margie's headlamp. As Phil narrates, the teams are now on their way to Go Gong Xi Bei Jiao, which looks like a waterfront walkway. Waiting there for them are several specimens of "a popular Chinese mode of transportation, the electric bicycle." Which they will hop on and ride past the Forbidden City, a well-known Beijing landmark; then across Tiananmen Square, an even more well-known Beijing landmark, all the way to Dongdan Subway Station. That's where their next clue will be found. Why not put the clue inside the Forbidden City? Perhaps because it's forbidden.

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