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The Squid and the Fail

Luke and Margie arrive at the mat, and Phil just nods blankly at them. "I hope we're still in it," Luke tells his mom. Phil says/signs that they're team number two, and congratulates them. He also congratulates them on being in the final three. All three of them look pretty happy, and Luke does a little dance as he signs that he can't believe he's in the final three. Margie interviews that she started out doing this for Luke, but that's not the case any more. "I'm having such a great time, and it means the world to me." She should probably not threaten to quit any more, then.

Jen is taking little bites and big drinks as Kisha says she doesn't think the cheerleaders have been there yet. Oops, there they are. Kisha tells Jen to hurry, but Jen's confident in her lead. "Unless they have no gag reflexes." Are you kidding me, Jen? They're cheerleaders. Cara's taking this one, and Jaime tells her. "You just gotta shove 'em down your throat." Jen loudly crunches something, and takes another drink. Jaime notices Jen's technique and tells Cara she won't taste it as much if she eats quickly. "We're still in the Race." Cara takes her tray while Jen's still nibbling, and gets right to it. "You ate that like it was tasty!" Jaime says happily. Indeed, Cara's ripping through these fried bugs like they're a bag of chips, while Jen spits up in a pail. Can Team Go Team actually pull this out? "You all right?" Kisha asks Jen. "No," Jen" says quietly. "And I gotta pee," she adds, taking yet another drink. Kisha's not surprised, and suggests she drink less. Jen says it's the only thing getting it down. Maybe now would be a good time for Jen to call on her fear of water. Jaime is openly laughing at the way Cara is tearing through her snacks. "I am thoroughly amazed, I don't know what to say right now!" she says. But Jen has too much of a head start for even Cara to catch up with her, and as the sisters leave, Kisha wishes the cheerleaders luck. "Just tell me we're still in the race," Cara says, the first time she's paid attention to anything but her food since she started. Looking down the street, Jaime says the sisters still don't have a cab, and to keep going. By the time they get one, Cara's almost finished. I am never going to a family-style restaurant with her.

"I'm literally picking critters out of my teeth," Jen says in the back of the taxi she's found with Kisha. "And I have to pee from the four bottles of water I chugged in the process." Cara finishes up, and she drinks some water as Jaime reads the clue and they secure a cab. They jump in, and oops! Forgot their gnome. "Oh silly gnome," Cara says indulgently to it as she runs back to retrieve it. Cutest gnome moment (or "gnoment") of the episode. But once they pull away in the taxi, even she is repeating, "Fast, fast, fast!" Once they're underway, Cara says they're hoping to catch up, and she thinks she "champed out" on the Road Block. And chomped out. "That was actually fricking amazing," Jaime says. Credit where it's due.

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