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The Squid and the Fail

So now there are three teams wandering up and down the street, equally lost. Team Go Team meets up with Margie and Luke, and Margie says they've been up and down that street several times. They split up again, and Margie's guide, who was on her cell phone a minute ago, says her friend told her it's in the opera house. So they head back that way. While Jaime and Cara wander on, Margie and Luke find the right place. "It was right in front of our faces," Margie says. Obviously they're happy to se the big photo of Kisha and Jen on the U-Turn sign. They run right out and get a taxi, and Margie has their guide tell the driver where to go. "Very happy Kisha and Jennifer got U-Turned," Margie says once they're safely encabbed. "For Jaime and Cara, I think it's going to be really important," she continues. "That U-Turn could be a deciding factor." Well, it'll be one of many as we'll see.

Across town at the Bird's Nest, Tammy and Victor are already de-cabbing. Clearly no suspense as to who was gong to win this leg. Standing next to a local in a plain white parka (the Amazing Costumers are coasting too now? Really?), Phil points out their approach, and after three episodes set in China, Tammy and Victor finally reach a mat first. The greeter welcomes them to Beijing, and Phil tells them they're team number one. He congratulates them on being one of the final three teams, and tells them they've won a trip for two to the Galapagos islands. Which includes snorkeling, so when Phil says, "This is a vacation you'll never forget," it's easy to believe. They interview about how happy they are to be in the final three, and not underestimating anyone else. "I'm going in counting on being number one," Victor says.

Now Jaime and Cara have met up with Jen and Kisha. One wonders what the locals think of all these garishly made-up Americans wandering around with backpacks over their silk robes. Jaime complains some more, and Jen says they're going to return to the Opera House. Team Go Team wishes them luck and Jaime asks if they should do the same. Cara says they'll just get pointed back there, "And we're going to be annoyed." Well, we certainly wouldn't want anything to happen that might annoy Jaime, especially when such things are so easily avoidable. They take a moment to wonder where Margie and Luke went. "They went down that street and they never came back," Cara says. Well, ladies, maybe there's something to that. You think?

Margie orders up her street food. "Extra crispy, please," she says. She eats standing at the counter, while Luke gets to work opening one of the four bottles of water that are apparently provided. Sure, now he wants to make sure she has water.

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