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The Squid and the Fail

Jaime and Cara choose "Beijing Opera," because they're great at doing makeup. Even better than they are at speaking Mandarin? Oh, I would have loved seeing Jaime try to get through that one. Ideally, she would have prevailed on someone to speak English to her and thus earned a half-hour penalty for breaking the rules of the task. Let's hope that's on the DVD.

Victor cracks open the shell of the starfish, which is filled with what looks like tasty stuffing. "It is not," Victor assures Tammy. "It looks like fish innards." What are the chances? He finishes up (he does not have to eat the starfish shell, apparently), and they get their next clue. They are still, obviously and commandingly, in first place.

Pit Stop! Phil says they now need to get to Niao Chao. "Also known as the Bird's Nest," Phil says, "It was the centerpiece of the 2008 Beijing Olympics." Also known? You give me too much credit, Phil. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Unless there are going to be four teams in the finale. Of course Tammy and Victor know exactly where that is, because they were here for the Olympics. I'm looking forward to the final leg back in the U.S., where all the teams will be forced to race frantically around Team Family Law's neighborhood, culminating in a final task at one of their homes in which the goal is to find specific items in their kitchen and closets as quickly as possible.

The sisters are still searching, and Kisha claims it's been an hour. "It would be nice if Victor and Tammy got there first and U-Turned Jennifer and Kisha," Margie says down the street from them. "If Jennifer and Kisha got there first I think we're screwed, so..." Luke doesn't really have time for her to stand there talking to their crew, so he leads her away. Probably even further in the wrong direction.

Team Go Team is all made up (Jaime is the princess, you'll be flabbergasted to learn), and they get their next clue sending them to the U-Turn on foot. "We've gotta go on foot so we've gotta ask people around here," Jaime says as they scurry out, leaving the right place behind, just like everyone else before them save Team Family Law. They find someone to point them down the street, and run off in that direction hoping either Kisha|Jen or Margie|Luke have already been U-Turned. "As long as it's not us, that's all that matters," Cara agrees. Which I think is the meanest thing we've ever heard Cara say, unless you count some of the stuff she's said about Jaime while sitting next to her.

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