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The Phuket List

Tammy and Victor arrive at the travel agency, which is in a second-floor storefront and staffed with six or eight locals in shirts and ties. The agent they talk to says their fastest route is from New Delhi to Bangkok to Phuket, and will arrive at 8:50 a.m. Sounds like a full day of Racing.

"Fly to Pakoot, Thailand," Kisha reads as she and Jen leave at 11:02 a.m. As we see more and more monkeys hanging around the Fort (seriously, it's like the Amazing Cameramen left India with literally miles of monkey footage), Kisha interviews about their "competitive edge." They're also opting to go to the travel agency, and Jen interviews that "Kisha's my main focus and I hope that I'm her main focus right now, because, I don't really care about any of the other teams." She should at least care about finishing legs before the other teams.

Margie and Luke high-ten before opening their clue at 11:03 and leaving in fourth place. They're also happy about Thailand. Margie interviews about how much work it is to converse in sign language sometimes. As we see them debate over whether to go to the airport or the travel agency first, with Margie insisting on the latter, she solo-interviews, "It's tiring, but I wouldn't change it for anything." You wouldn't think that's the kind of remark that would turn out to be ironic later, but you'd be wrong.

Cara and Jaime are getting going at 11:04. Jaime wastes no time getting on their cabdriver's nerves, loudly telling Cara to check his gas gauge after he's already said he has enough fuel, and chanting at him to "Let us in, let us in, let us in" while Cara's already in the backseat. They agree to go straight to the airport. "Everybody has seen by now that patience is not my virtue," Jaime understates in an interview. We're waiting to see what her virtue is, other than compassion for animals. Sitting right next to her, Cara expands on the theme of how Jaime has trouble with language barriers, but she's being far too diplomatic for her partner. "I don't like foreign language," Jaime baldly states. "I get so tired of listening to people talk. I'm so tired of noise, that's why I want to get out of India. I don't like the honking..." Back to the cab, where she keeps haranguing the driver in her version of "friendly." "This little thing needs to go," she encourages. He looks a bit annoyed. He should be glad she's doing "patronizing" instead of "actively hostile."

Mike and Mel walk into the travel agency just as Tammy and Victor are getting their itinerary printed out. "We need to get what they're doing," Mike dorks. Tammy looks annoyed. I don't know why everyone looks annoyed when people do that.

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