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Back at the boats, Kisha and Jen are filling their last barrel. Mel and Mike only have ten to lift up. Kisha and Jen finish up and get their clue from the man in the pilot house, and they're off in fifth place. "I'm not going to speak on anything until we make it to the Pit Stop," Kisha says wisely. She sneezes loudly (and ridiculously; every sneeze sounds like someone saying, "zzdZZdzzz!"), and Jen blesses her twice and says, "Shut up." The Whites keep working. Jen and Kisha's cab drops them off at a temple, but oops! It's the wrong one. The gates are locked. They find a group of saffron-robed Trappist monks hanging out in some shade, who point them in the other direction. "Awesome, love it," Jen sings as they return to the street, only to find their cabbie long gone. Meanwhile, Mel and Mike finish up and head out, begging their driver to go fast. "If you don't [know,] let's ask someone," Mike pleads. A little late for that. Jen and Kisha, meanwhile, have wandered up to a hotel, and they manage to hitch a ride on an airport shuttle or something. "Wat Tehm Nomit is very far," says one of their several fellow passengers. Mike continues to urge their driver on. Mel says, "It's only a game, but boy, does it get intense in this game sometimes." The stress is telling on both last place teams, but when the fifth place team finally gets to the mat, it's Kisha and Jen. "It's good news, you are team number five," Phil tells them. They're happy just to still be in it.

Finally, the Whites reach the mat. "I'm sorry to tell you, you have been eliminated from the Race," Phil says. "We're sorry too," Mel says. Phil repeats sincerely that he's very sorry to see them go, and as they each high-five Phil, Mel says, "It's been a great run, man." Indeed. Phil asks Mel what's special about Mike. Mel puts an arm around Mike, who grins, "Keep it together, Dad." Mel answers, "Just about everything I can think of. He's smart, he's wise, he's mature. This is my kid. And I've left something in the world that will make the world a better place." Aw. Also, keep it together, Mike. Dammit, I was just starting to let myself think these two might make it to the last leg.

In their post-leg interview, Mel says, "I had aches and pains and groans and groins, but I was pretty good. And I loved it when my son thought so, too." "Aw, dad," Mike says. "Aw, son," Mel responds. Mike adds, "We've been father and son my whole life (obviously), but I don't think we've ever really been teammates. And being a teammate brings a whole different kind of camaraderie than you get in normal life, so that was a great gift that the Race gave us." And in exchange, they gave us the gift of proving that you can run the Amazing Race without always yelling at people, asking God to get involved, fighting with each other, or losing your sense of humor. Not win it, but get more than halfway, at least.

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