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Margie, riding behind Luke, is feeling a little unbalanced. "You're going to dump me out of this thing," she says, perched on the edge of her seat. "Push it down lower, I'm going to fall out!" He just keeps going, almost as though he doesn't hear her. Finally she has to lean forward and bang on the frame to get his attention and tell him to stop. She takes over the pulling.

At the harbor, Mel and Mike are catching up, especially when Mike starts carrying two barrels at a time instead of one. Are they going to pull out another one?

Tammy and Victor are running along the path together, and she's questioning whether they should still have the rickshaws. Victor doesn't think so, so of course they soon come up to a sign with a diagram of a rickshaw and an arrow pointing down, he screeches, "Aw, it says drop the rickshaws here!" They realize they have to go back for it. Which they do. "Mr. Bandit, you get in your car and follow us!" Tammy calls out, once she's back in her seat and being towed past him. Mr. Bandit looks up from his cell phone in confusion. Tammy suggests alternating between walking and running in thirty-second intervals. They meet the cheerleaders coming back. At last, they get their clue, and Mr. Bandit picks them up. The cheerleaders also get back in their cab with Sak to get to the Pit Stop. Now it's just a race between Sak and Mr. Bandit.

Mark and Michael are down to12:03 on their penalty clock, which is probably not enough to get them eliminated. Dammit.

Kisha and Jen are still trying to fill their last six barrels, as Mel and Mike arrange their 25th empty one. Margie is jogging through the park with Luke in back saying, "Mom, go." But she runs out of steam and they have to switch back. They reach the clue box in fourth, and Margie reads, "The last team to check in may be eliminated." As they get back in their cab, Margie says she feels like she might pass out. "I think Thailand is probably the hottest place I've ever been. Running in this heat, I got the chills." Now that's not a good sign.

Mark and Michael are waiting out the last five minutes of their penalty. After a minute of cutting back and forth between Team Go Team and Team Family Law, it's down to 4:02. And then an exhausted Tammy and Victor make it to the mat. Phil tells them, "Tammy and Victor, you are the second team to arrive. However, Mark and Michael have incurred two thirty-minute penalties. Which means you guys are actually the first team to arrive." So suck it, Stuntmen. That's the third leg they've won, which comes with a trip for two to Oahu. No sooner does Phil finish describing the trip than Team Go Team shows up. "We're screwed," Mark says, looking at the two teams standing on the mat when they have one minute left. Phil tells Jaime and Cara they're team number two, and the cheerleaders hug happily. I wonder whether Mark and Michael might have been able to come in second if Phil hadn't taken so long telling them about their penalty. Which makes me wish he'd taken longer. Three hours probably would have done it. "That's such a drag," Mark mutters to Michael. "Work that hard, and thppth." Maybe you shouldn't have been such a dick, then. All your boasting about being able to outrun everyone sounds kind of hollow when you're the only ones who had any tire pressure.

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