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After the ad break, the clock is only down to 49:48, but they're still waiting. Mark explains in an interview why they got their penalties, leaving out the part where they got one for being dicks and one for just being morons.

Victor's still pulling Tammy along at a walk, which would probably be easier for him if he had air in his tires. She offers to spell him for awhile, but he declines, because that would put him in charge of navigation and the next thing you know they'd be in Indonesia. Or, as he puts it, "I didn't want to take control in a chaotic situation. My natural tendency is to take everything away from her and want to do it." So he's like an alcoholic, but with control. He apologizes for not being able to run, but she says it's fine. Cara is now pulling Jaime, getting directions from locals they pass. Good method; as long as they don't slow down too much, Jaime won't have time to piss people off. As Luke pulls Margie, she tries to get him to stop for directions as well, but since he's got his back to her and can't hear her, it takes a minute. Well, at least her arms are getting a rest from signing.

Back at the harbor, Kisha and Jen are just lifting their 48th empty barrel up to the boat's roof when Kisha notices the water hose that's been pumping water out onto the dock this whole time. Dude, I hope that's not coming from a tank or something. But then, on the other hand, I hope the fishermen aren't expected to drink water that's been pumped directly out of the harbor. Really, there are no good options here. Kisha realizes belatedly that she could have been filling water barrels while the arranging of the empties was going on. And Mel and Mike are closing in, as they notice first the smell of fish, then a parked cab, then Kisha and Jen themselves aboard their boat. As the sisters see them arrive, Jen says, "That makes me secretly happy." Not a secret any more, my friend. The teams greet each other, and Mike says he's sure nobody's behind them. Unfortunately, he is correct. Mel takes the top perch on their boat and tells Mike to start handing up empty barrels while filling up the ones that need to be filled. They get to work doing both at the same time, while Jen, finished with the empties, has to stand idly by and watch a regretful Kisha fill their barrels with water. Not good time management, right there.

Mark and Michael are down to 32 minutes left on their penalty clock. Thirty feet away, Phil scans the horizon for arriving teams, and totally ignoring their existence (lucky bastard). Still en route to King Rama IX Park, Passengers Tammy and Cara are encouraging their respective partners along, until Jaime gets a stitch and swaps with Cara, who of the two of them seems to be the one in slightly less good shape. By now, Tammy and Victor are in view of the park, and the waiting Mr. Bandit's cab. The cheerleaders switch back, Cara fanning Jamie with the conical hat. Victor and Tammy are a little too eager to ditch their rickshaw, and they run unencumbered into the park along the path. Team Go Team isn't far behind, but Jaime still gets an opportunity to yell at a local. In this case, it's for blocking their path with his truck. She'd be doing so much better at this Race if the countries she has to go to didn't keep getting in her way.

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