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In the cab to the rickshaws, Victor reads from the clue that they are not allowed to hire anyone to guide them along the rickshaw route. Which is funny, because as Mark and Michael pass their waiting cab, which they had totally forgotten about until they got back on the street and saw it waiting for them, they instruct him to lead them to the next clue. As Mark explains afterwards, "We were gonna have to pay that cab, whether he stayed in front of us, behind us, or led us there. We had the cab lead us to the end of the Detour." I really think they just missed that part of the clue; not that they were intentionally trying to cheat. This time. They get going again, this time with Michael at the handlebars.

Victor and Tammy arrive at the temple, and ask their cabbie to trace them a map. He offers to lead them there, but they decline, saying it's against the rules. Mr. Bandit draws their route on the map, and Tammy climbs up into the seat. Victor heads out, pulling the rickshaw with visibly squishy tires. Would they have rolled out like that if the pumps had been laid out the way Mark and Michael found them? We'll never know.

Mel and Mike, and the herb store guy: "Nooo! Nooo!" but after a couple more, they get a drawer with a clue. Back in motion but still in last place, they take off to do 100 Barrels.

Mark and Michael switch places. Tammy and Victor, however, do not. Before you know it, Mark pulls Michael into the park, where they spot a familiar Amazing Arrow sign that indicates a marked path. As they go deeper into the park, Mark talks about how he'd be willing to pay the cabbie anything for the guided tour he gave them. Of course he doesn't say that they would have gotten lost without them, which they might or might not have done, because that would have indicated that he is anything other than awesome. Victor has had to slow to a walk. "I don't like saying this," he pants, "but my sister is a little heavy." Also, your tires are flat, Mario Andretti.

Cara and Jaime de-cab at the temple, and they send Sak to wait for them at the park before Jaime starts pulling the rickshaw. "Come HERE!" she bellows at some bystander she wants to get directions from. He either doesn't know or doesn't understand what she's asking or doesn't feel like helping after being summoned like a poorly trained dog, so the cheerleaders head off in one direction and hope for the best. Perhaps further along their way they'll encounter some locals who love to help assholes.

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