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BJ and Tyler take the Laundry option, so they run off in search of the clotheslines they need to find. They find them, and they start pulling the lines to bring things over to them so that they can look for red-and-yellow tags.

MoJo hits the Teatro. They get their clue and leave. Fran and Barry arrive next, and then Dave and Lori. Dave does the same dippy, distracted thing he did once before, where he reflexively takes an envelope for himself after Lori takes one, and she has to shoo him to put it back. "Pay attention!" she hollers as he laughs. He kind of laughs like a girl when it's at himself, which I find very endearing. These two teams get going, right along with MoJo. Fran picks on Barry's driving, and he says, "Drivin' like an Italian, man. I love it." Barry is not convincing using the word "man" that way. Or the word "drivin'." Dave and Lori fret over the traffic, and I do believe she uses the frustrated expression, "Jeeeeminy." Hee.

BJ and Tyler find a pink shirt with a special tag. "Bella, bella!" Tyler says in his "hilarious" Italian. "That-a didn't take-a long at all!" You know what people think is incredibly charming? When you make fun of their accents. People love that shit. Go down south and do your exaggerated Hee Haw routine. Or, you know, go to China and reverse all your Rs and Ls. They think that is high comedy. When they go to the local who's acting as "laundry lady," BJ keeps the accent going as he says, "I have found this-a piece of clothing for you, laundry woman." Hey, she's just part of the giant theater of your personal hilarity, right? It's not like she's anyone you'd need to worry about or greet normally like a regular person. I wonder if they'll ever wish they had just graciously talked to people along the way, rather than shouting in everyone's face and performing constantly. At any rate, the clue she (overly generously) gives them tells them to go to "the ancient town of Segesta," where they'll find the "archeological zone" and hike a mile to a theater. This "ancient Greek amphitheater" will hold the next clue. This is the first time I notice that BJ and Tyler's shirts say "BOWLING" and "MOMS." Which is just random and goofy and understated enough to actually be funny. That is genuinely, truly funny, and I salute them. Oh, and the clue reads, "Yield ahead."

Eric and Jeremy work on getting themselves to the terrace. The trailing threesome of teams is just getting to the Teatro Massimo for the clue to the terrace. Dani and Danielle are having serious issues with the stick shift all of a sudden. They seem to have made it this far, so I wonder if this is a more confusing stick shift than some. Cars do vary, I find. Lake and Michelle arrive at the clue box a little later than the girls, but they get ahead of them as a result of the shifting problems.

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