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Istanbul, Not Constantinople
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We're still in Dhaka, which Phil describes as "a frenetic city, and the capital of Bangladesh. Its colorful and chaotic streets have more rickshaws than any other city in the world." And that's just in the streets. We're welcomed back to the previous Pit Stop, "this former aristocratic home, built more than a hundred years ago: Lok Shilpa Jadughar." As we get a better look at it than we did last week, the place has a certain ruined fanciness about it still, now that it's a lowly arts and crafts museum. But Phil and his white fedora lend it a little class as he tells us this is the start of the sixth leg in a race around the world. James & Abba, who won the previous leg, will also be the first to start this one, at 8:30 AM. They open their clue, which is telling them to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. Phil says that's 3,700 miles to "where the Bosporus strait separates Europe and Asia." And there it is, in an overhead shot of a lovely suspension bridge spanning the continents. Much will be made of these two continents tonight, trust me.

Phil continues, "Once they touch down on the European side, they must make their way to the Kabatas Ferry Terminal, where they'll find their next clue." But first they have to visit Galaxy Travel right here in Dhaka, because without The Amazing Race, there would be no travel agencies left anywhere. "Come on, legs," Abba complains as they leave the museum grounds, but he interviews that the injury to what is now both of his knees won't stop him. "We're gonna cut it off before this causes us to stop," he vows. Hey, if that can work on The Walking Dead, there's no reason it can't work here. In the cab to the travel agency, Abba quotes St. Barton's Ode: "I am hurt, but I am not slain." "My God, this race has taken on biblical proportions!" James says, overstating the case somewhat.

Abbie and Ryan leave more than two and a half hours later, at 11:04. Which means that Team Metal actually expanded their lead during the previous leg, without benefit of a Fast Forward. Abbie does a dorky monkey-dance on the mat as Ryan reads the clue sending them to Istanbul (not Constantinople -- don't worry, I'm only doing that once) and says to her, "let's go, you Turkey." They get in a cab and say a not-so-fond farewell to Bangladesh. Abbie says she's learned to appreciate things here. "Next time you're at home and your Samsung 52-inch starts to go fuzzy on you, don't bitch about it. Go to Dhaka," Ryan says. This message brought to you by Samsung and the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce.

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