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Pole to Pole

The Hairballs reach the Golden Gate in fifth place and also decide to Polka because Adam figures that's easier than standing around hoping for tips, which is probably true when you look like Brandon & Adam. Meanwhile, three teams -- the blondes, the exes and the Afghanimals -- are still being driven around GdaƄsk's waterfront district totally lost and totally frustrated. Finally, after the ads, they figure out that they're supposed to go to the Solidarity monument near the shipyard -- not just the shipyard -- and head off in what one hopes is the right direction. Leo worries that while Tim & Marie will be fine, with their Express Pass and everything, but "we might just be in last place right now." And by "we" I assume he means the Ice-Ghanimals combined. You know, I can totally understand three teams messing up their first destination of the leg; they only have two and a half days of travel time in which to study it.

Tim & Danny take their first run at the polka, but they forget a spin -- or rather Tim does -- and since he's leading, it doesn't happen, even when Danny reminds him. Jason seems a little intimidated as he and Amy watch the dance, but soon he and Amy are learning the steps, as are Nicole & Travis, though Travis seems to be having some kind of problem with it. Maybe it's the shoes again.

As the baseball wives continue begging for tips, Brandon & Adam wander by on foot looking for Old Town Hall (even though the other teams took their taxis there), and make the time-tested move of doing the Detour you stumble on instead of the Detour you chose. And since they just saw the baseball wives score a 30-zloty note, they figure this can't be too hard. The Hairballs head into the tent to change just as Nicky & Kim get done. Soon Brandon and Adam are in position, wearing the costumes complete with the fake beards over their real ones. Brandon points out in an interview that if he were to really dress like Neptune he'd just wear a seashell over his crotch, while Adam mimes shock at Brandon's stunning impropriety. Yeah, you don't fool us for a second, Adam. The baseball wives are watching their money get counted, and one of them is saying she's going to cry that they actually did something quickly. I don't cry, but I come close to falling off my chair at the sight of the caption "Nicky & Kim, Currently in 1st Place." Their next clue is sending them to something called the Medieval Harbor Crane, where a foreman in coveralls is standing next to the U-Turn sign. It's a new sign again this season; the unnecessary touchscreens have been replaced by simple cutouts where players can presumably stick pictures of themselves and the people they want to U-Turn. Not as high-tech, to be sure, but it looks hell of a lot easier for the producers to lug around the world. The clue also says that everyone will have to wear their Detour costumes for the rest of the leg, which Danny is going to love.

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