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Pole to Pole

And there are still three teams whose cabs are wandering GdaƄsk looking for Poland's very first clue. At some point Tim, Marie, Leo, Jamal, Ally and Ashley are all out of their cabs in some random spot, casting about at a complete loss. And their lag is growing, because by now, Brandon & Adam's driver has figured out where the Golden Gate is and has them on their way. Brandon says now they just need to get to a place where they can get to work. "Because that's what we do," Adam says. Usually while acting goofy, don't forget.

Tim & Danny are busy arguing over which of them is going to have to be the laaaady, Tim pointing out that Danny is smaller while Danny is trying to rock-paper-scissors for it. Danny really doesn't want to wear a dress. Eventually they show up at Old Town Hall, a big red-brick building that looks every inch its name. They find dressing rooms inside on a lower level, and Danny crabbily admits defeat about wearing the girl costume. But he's not happy about it at all. Trying to lighten the mood, Tim asks him to dinner after this and Danny warns darkly, "You better knock it off, Tim." So much for lightening the mood. They head up to the level where the dance floor is as Danny interviews about how uncomfortable and humiliated he is, and how he doesn't want to look good in a dress. He shouldn't be worried about that last part. They get to the dance floor and watch a brief polka routine performed by a dozen or so couples. And learning the dance isn't going to go smoothly -- they can barely execute the basic polka step, let alone the bit where they have to do the lift and spin. Oh, yes, there is a lift and spin. And I don't think they're going to get to practice it in a lake like in Dirty Dancing, either.

Nicky & Kim may have made the right choice after all, as they have already arrived at the fountain with the Neptune statue. Unlike last week, they seem to have picked the Detour that requires less walking.

The ER docs reach the Polka venue, deducing from the presence of the Okies' backpacks in the dressing room that the latter team has already arrived. Jason & Amy show up by the time Travis & Nicole are in their outfits. You'll be amazed to learn that they're much happier about their looks they're rocking than Danny is.

The baseball wives have also changed clothes for their side of the Detour; they're wearing dark gimp suits with green-bronze highlighting to match the patina of the Neptune statue, as well as hoods that cover their faces with fake, Neptune-esque hair and beards. Now they just have to match the statue's pose, which is an awkward, unnatural kind of Ed Grimley position with the trident pointed in an angle at the street. Nicky & Kim climb up onto a pedestal to get started and assume that position, though one of them nearly blinds some kid with her trident in the process. But they're soon watching people drop coins into the slot below them, begging and thanking everyone in earshot and generally being the loudest statues ever.

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