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Pole to Pole

Tim & Danny have already reached the Golden Gate, which is neither golden nor a gate; it's more like a tall gray arch leading into the most touristy part of Gdańsk. Or, considering how picturesque the buildings on the other side are, it might even be a dimensional portal leading directly to the Poland section of EPCOT. The clue in the box just inside the Gate is a Detour which asks, "Pose or Polka?" Though with U-Turn in play, we can assume that at least one team will be doing Pose and Polka. For now, Phil explains, "Teams must choose between two cultural icons of Gdańsk that have been around for hundreds of years." For "Pose," the teams will have to go to a fountain in the square that features a bronze statue of Neptune, and assume his pose in the hope of collecting tips from passersby. A "sculptor" (actually a guy in an apron whose job it is to make sure the racers are holding the correct position) will give them their next clue after they've collected 75 zlotys, which is about $25. "Polka" is, as you've probably guessed, a task where the teams will have to dress up in traditional costumes and perform a choreographed dance routine. I'm sure most teams are aware by now that the standards for that kind of task are pretty lax, so that should be a popular option. Tim & Danny opt for it, choosing to take the skill-based task over the luck-based one, which is probably wise given that while skill isn't always their strong suit, luck is even less so. But Tim does a double take when the clue tells them that one of them will have to dress as a laaaady. I'm sure they're both grown up enough not to let that be a dealbreaker, right?

Brandon & Adam reach Solidarity Square in fifth place, only to find out that their driver doesn't know where the Golden Gate is. But never fear; he whips out a flip-phone a foot long, so he's got the situation under control! But then for some reason he hands off the phone so that Brandon can talk to someone with questionable English skills, and get directions that Brandon will then have to relay to the driver, who also has questionable English skills. Seems like it would be easier for everyone for the driver to just get the directions himself. Oh, and here's another wrinkle: the person Brandon is talking to turns out to be Jason & Amy's cabdriver, who at their urging tells Brandon through his primitive BlueSabertooth headset that he can't help him. Brandon seems flummoxed, but as soon as he hangs up he tells Adam that the driver was with another team and so wasn't talking, which is pretty savvy of him. Jason & Amy soon show up at the Golden Gate and go running in search of the clue box, somehow failing to spot it when they run around the gate rather than through it. And thus, Nicole & Travis are the second team to find the clue when they show up, also opting for Polka. Jason & Amy belatedly find the clue box in third place, just before Nicky & Kim arrive in fourth. The dating couple chooses to polka, but Nicky is confident that she and Kim can totally earn 75 zloty by standing around and not moving. Which is a strategy that's worked okay for them so far, I suppose.

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