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The first team to reach the correct place is actually Tim & Danny, who somehow seem to know that it's the birthplace of Solidarity. I'm kind of amazed that there's anyone still on the race old enough to even remember Solidarity. But aside from glancing at the memorial there, all Tim & Danny have to do once they arrive is open a clue telling them to go to the Golden Gate. Phil calls this "an historic entrance to Old Town GdaƄsk, where they'll find their next clue." The Okies are soon on their way. Jason & Amy show up next, also talking about this being the "birthplace of Solidarity," so that factoid must be included in their clue. I guess with last season's PR debacle in Vietnam, the show isn't going to risk taking any more shit for skimping on the historical significance of historically significant locations. The dating couple opens their clue and are soon talking to their cabdriver about getting to the Golden Gate when Travis & Nicole roll up behind them in third place. Amy promises their driver "one heck of a ride." That's a smart strategy: making the driver part of the team. He probably won't be getting a commission on the million dollars, though.

Nicky & Kim get their clue to the Golden Gate in only fourth place. And then Tim & Marie are shown in their cab, headed to the shipyard as well. Marie says she doesn't know where the entrance is or if the driver knows where they're going. "I don't know anything," Tim pipes up, which doesn't bother Marie because that's just how she wants it. They soon find themselves at not Solidarity Square but a prosaic, workaday security gate, where their driver turns off the car and gets out to ask someone for directions. Marie also starts canvassing locals, though she seems to be talking to a different person. Soon the blondes show up, as do the Afghanimals and they don't seem encouraged by the exes' current lack of progress. After Marie and her driver return to the cab, Marie trying unsuccessfully to get some kind of assurance from him that he knows what to do, Tim presents a couple of options to Marie: "Would you rather be in this taxi right now with this guy who has no clue where he's going? Or, be shoving sharp objects under your eye?" Obviously he's joking because there are no sharp objects they could have with them, what with having to carry their backpacks on the plane. Amazingly, Tim gets a laugh out of Marie, which seems like it would be harder than carrying sharp objects onto a plane.

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