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Brandon & Adam are still in the lead when they arrive at the ferry terminal, with Jason & Amy close behind. They soon find out that the ferry is leaving tonight at 8:30. So the good news is that they've now got about 16 hours to kill, but the bad news is that everyone's going to be on the same ferry back, almost certainly. And I'm not sure that even the good news is all that good.

Nicky & Kim find their way into the Pit Keep Going, hoping they're not in last place even though they very much are. They collapse exhaustedly into Phil's arms, Kim saying, "That was torture!" After dutifully submitting to hugs that bend him back at the waist, he tells them they're the last team to arrive. "But there is no need for tears? Because I have your next clue? And you are still racing?" "What?" Kim yelps and snatches the clue out of his hand. The weird part isn't the fact that it's a non-elimination leg, but the way Phil's talking right now.

Next thing we see is every team boarding the ferry for what is, this time, a thirty-four-hour ride to Trondheim, where they'll catch their flight (or flights) to Gdańsk. So basically Phil told everyone they're "still racing" and then sent them off to do almost nothing for over two days. The ferry casts off and once it's underway, Marie gives Nicole the Express Pass on the deck in secret. Neither team wants anyone else to know about it, Nicole because she doesn't want a target on her back and Marie so she can still wave it in people's faces and continue bugging the shit out of people like she has been since the beginning of leg two.

An Amazing (But Narrow and Squiggly) Red Line traces the ferry's progress down the Norwegian coast to Trondheim, where it's taken up by a Much Wider Amazing Red Line to indicate the flight over Scandinavia to Gdańsk, Poland. The city looks quaint and arty (with the obvious exception of one building, Krzywy Domek, which is all crazy-curvy in a way that makes my mind hurt), and then the plane lands at Lech Wałęsa Airport. So this is a big leg for Solidarity, clearly, given that even the airport is named after the guy who invented it. Teams rush out of the terminal and give instructions to their cab drivers with varying levels of confusion, ranging from the Afghanimals and the blondes asking to be taken to the Gdańsk shipyards to Amy asking for "Solitary Square." Alas, she and Tim will not be taken to a completely different location where a busker spends all day doing half-assed geometry-themed Neil Diamond parodies. Somehow Tim & Marie end up getting out of there in last place, but a lot of other teams are already stressed out about the U-Turn coming up. "It might be a bloodbath out there," Okie Tim predicts. The Leo & Jamal/Ally & Ashley axis that Marie dubbed the Ice-Ghanimals are the first to reach the place where they told their drivers to take them, which is not the same as the place they actually need to go. Instead, they're at what looks like the rear, historically insignificant entrance to the shipyard instead of Solidarity Square. Kind of a letdown for them.

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