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Ashley is working her way through some yellow-filled donuts in the apartment building when the Afghanimals show up outside and Jamal makes Leo do this one. The Hairballs finally get their last ten zlotys from some backpacker, and after counting their coins and precious few bills, they are finally done with the Detour, still in last place. By kind of a lot.

At the Pit Stop, Nicky & Kim are team number four. They hug happily as though they never even had a lead that they blew by being stupid, which of course they probably didn't, as far as they know. Then Tim & Danny show up in fifth place while the baseball wives are still there. Surprisingly, Danny doesn't rip off his dress the moment his feet touch the mat. I think he's secretly starting to dig it.

Brandon & Adam are in their cab to the Roadblock, saying they're not giving up because one never knows. Especially with this Roadblock, at which Leo and Ashley are joining forces, worried that the Hairballs are only ten minutes behind. In fact, Brandon & Adam have the building in sight -- but Ashley takes a bite that's shot so dramatically it can only be the red-filled donut. Which it is, and when Leo takes his bite across the table from her, there are celebrations and kisses all around. So the Ice-Ghanimals are off to the Pit Stop. It's not looking good for the Hairballs even when they finally make it to the clue box and Adam heads inside to do the Roadblock. Then we see the Afghanimals arriving at the Pit Stop in sixth place. They interview how they've proven that they're not easy to get rid of, much like any other rash. And then Ally & Ashley check in as team number seven, even though nobody U-turned them.

That leaves only the Hairballs, still at the apartment complex. Adam takes a few bites of several different donuts in a dissolve-filled loser-edit as Brandon says that while they've been friends for 22 years, Adam lives in the woods so they don't see each other as much as they used to. Adam finally gets the red donut and takes another bite. "Tastes like victory," he says. And sounds like delusion. The sun is getting low in the sky when they finally arrive at the mat, where they are officially Philiminated. Adam says they went from first to last, but of course they're not the first team to do that this season, right, Chester & Ephraim? He says they've enjoyed the race but are sad to be missing the rest of it. Brandon interviews that they couldn't have bought this experience even with the million dollars, "But we've been doing crazy stuff together before the race started and it's not gonna stop just because the race is over." They'll just have to do it with fewer cameras around. Or at least fewer TV network cameras. Adam is also looking forward to their next adventure together, and underlines the thought with a "derp-a-derp." Which, now that I think about it, would have been a perfect exit line for any number of other Amazing Race teams in the past.

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