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Pole to Pole

However, the Hairballs do spot the departing Afghanimals when they arrive, and wonder how they finished so fast. Then they put on their previous costumes and take up their old positions. It's not clear whether they have to start over or get to count the ten zlotys they collected on their first attempt. But at least this time they're calling out to the crowd a little, which proves that after all, this is less of a performing task and more of a begging-while-dressed-funny task.

It's looking like a three-way race to the Pit Stop, and there's some snazzy splitscreen editing of the three lead teams inside their cabs to the pier. Travis remarks to Nicole that Tim & Marie used their Express Pass. I love how Tim & Marie have basically spent all of their energy on Express Pass strategizing, and then ended up using theirs in a leg in which doing so broadcasted to all the other teams, "HEY! WE USED OUR EXPRESS PASS!" Travis adds, "It's really rough if you use the Express Pass and don't win the leg." I say it's even rougher to use it thinking you need to save yourself then and end up in the middle of the pack, which is what often happens. Marie tells Tim, "I'm gonna have a heart attack and a panic attack and I'm going to throw up and pass out at the same time." Sounds like she's going to need some splitscreen editing of her own. Nicole & Travis seem to be the first team to spot the pier from their cab, and soon all three teams are running for it on foot, yelling at their partners to hurry. But the first team to reach the pier is… Tim & Marie. So they just became the first team to win two legs -- both with the help of the Express Passes, in a sense. Jason & Amy are right behind them, and then Nicole & Travis trudge up the steps before Phil even bothers addressing anyone. The female greeter welcomes them to Gdańsk, Poland, and Phil checks in Tim & Marie as team number one (and the winners of a trip to Hawaii), Jason & Amy as team number two and Travis & Nicole as team number three. Travis interviews that his helping Marie and Amy cost him and Nicole first place -- but the exes have use their Express Pass and the ER docs still have the other one. I'll point out that Travis benefited from Marie and Amy's help first, if anyone asks me, which they won't.

The blondes show up at the apartment building in sixth place and Ashley takes this one. Meanwhile, Brandon & Adam are having to take a lot of rest breaks at the Neptune fountain and are getting roundly ignored by the locals as they holler for change. Plus they're a lot more physically tired than they were before they did the polka. Aren't they the ones who were happy about racing nonstop? It's going badly enough for them that they're smacked with a commercial break, but of course they're not giving up. After we come back, they do some more yelling and try offering someone a kiss for 50 zlotys. What is left unsaid is that for 75 zlotys, they leave you alone.

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