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Now Amy and Marie have also split up and are making polite visits. But Travis is the first to find a donut with red filling. "Deliciosa!" he proclaims to his hostess, who then presents him with his clue. When he emerges from the building, he encounters Amy and Marie and tells them where to go, so they soon have their clues as well. By which time Travis has returned to Nicole with their last clue of the leg, which reads, "Search for Phil on the longest wooden pier in Europe." That would be Sopot Pier, which Phil says extends more than 1600 feet into the Baltic Sea. Still shorter than the apartment building they just left, though. "This picturesque promenade is now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says, as he does. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Nicole & Travis head for their cab in first place, but for some reason their driver doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to get going. Tim & Marie are in second place, and Jason & Amy in third. For now.

:Leo & Jamal are in their statue costumes and up on the posing-stand, and doing a task which is much more suited to them, namely shouting loudly. It seems to be earning them some tips, though. Or else people are just paying them in hopes they'll shut up.

Danny bites into a red-filled pastry and gets his clue in fourth place, and takes the donut with him because he probably didn't bite into as many as the other teams did. And on his way out, he runs into Kim and tells her, "It's up there." Kim gasps happily when she sees the red filling inside, and gets her clue in fifth place. Remember when she and Nicky were in first? Me either.

Brandon & Adam get to the U-Turn sign and see themselves up there. "That's weak," Brandon says. Always one to look on the bright side, Adam points out, "Good looking photo of us." Adam is, it must be said, lying.

Leo & Jamal are still working the crowd, one of whom is wearing a BYU t-shirt. Jamal claims to have gone there, but the dude isn't fooled saying he'll give them fifty if he can remember the name of two quarterbacks there. Bluff called, Jamal tells the kids around the guy to try to grab the money from dad and put it in the box. Which they do, so congratulations to Jamal and The Amazing Race and CBS for being accessories to theft. That last donation puts them over the top, so they're off in seventh place and won't even have to finish this task next to the team they U-Turned, which would have been awkward.

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